A PIG??!!!




It’s been a long time since my last post..nothing seemed to excite me much…thoughts went blank and then again the same old thoughts of people’s perception of beauty set me thinking…

What’s so special about beauty???
The first thing which comes to your mind?? yeah beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder you would say and what more??come on go on..its just that???
Is a persons beauty just in his/ her looks?? So what about the so called inner beauty??? Volumes and volumes of books have been written on the so called inner beauty!! What about all that??
Ok agreed we first do look at a persons physical/ facial appearance.
Some have a pleasant face and some a crude one, so our impressions are already made.
Whether we are going to like this person or not, atleast an initial impression is made ok and then next what?? The person opens his/her mouth to talk and two things happen..either an avalanche sets in and we are more doomed and horrified and pray and wish to disappear that very instant from there unable to listen to their talks or we are even more impressed and awestruck!!
So…what  is beauty exactly?? I know such a silly question but just spare a thought, delve into it..is it just the outward external appearance??
Is that what its all about?? That way every body would be considered ugly cause not one person is perfect!!
If you have a fully pleasant and a  charming face, rest assured you have crooked teeth!! If you have an awesome body structure a perfect figure, you have dark skin!!
If you have an amazing smile but oops what happened to that hair on your head???sorry it looks like a birds nest to me!!
If you have a handsome personality and charming manners, oh wait!! Ur nose!!! Eeeks it’s either tooooo long or tooo broad or doesn’t exist at all!!!
So tell me one person who is really  perfect and bingo every Indian answers, “Oooooo Aishwarya rai!!” Really??? No offence meant but come on people have you seen her smile??? it’s so fake and artificial and all made up, compare her smile to Madhuri dixits or the yester years heroine Madhubala and now tell me if she’s perfect?? (why the poor Aishwarya who is the most beautiful woman in the world, who set the screens soaring in dhoom 2 was taunted and made fun off and was the butt of all jokes when she put on weight post pregnancy!!)
Talking of the young gen, you would say Katrina or Priyanka?? Really??Again?? after all the nose jobs and the edematous lips, you really think they are perfect???
(no offence again but just a thought )

It’s the need to look beautiful, picture perfect and pretty which drives even the most gorgeous of women to surgeries to enhance their bust or straighten their nose or have ant bitten puffy lips or get punctured 100 times for botox!!
Then what about normal common women like you and me?? Who aren’t privileged enough to undergo the same and yet we are compared to the celebrities…
Every one wants a daughter in law like Aishwarya, a wife like Katrina, a sister in law like Dipika!!
My answer??? Ok fine..come on shell out the money and you will have a babe wife and a prized catch bahu!!
People!! These celebrities have everything, they don’t have to worry about endless maths and physics theorems, equations and formulas to be mugged up and solved or the next days viva or about the baby’s diaper being changed or the milk,eggs and vegetables being over or what to cook for breakfast or worry over the children’s homework!!
It isn’t just me, its the common thoughts echoed from every woman’s mind.

All women young and old have gone through this dilemma, this absurd feeling of inferiority atleast once in their lives. What’s more important now is realizing you can’t be perfect!!
Yes you can try to be presentable but not perfect cause no one is and no one shall ever be but some things are best left as it is!!
You are beautiful as you are, in your own dark skin, beautiful with a broad blobby nose, beautiful even with thin almost there lips or a blink and you miss it eyebrows, beautiful in your huge curvy/anorexic frames.

Its time to realize to be healthy and happy in your own skin, the people who matter will love you no matter how you look, they will look beyond imperfections and beauty cause beauty is not what life is all about.

Ever thought of the crippled lady struck with polio, maybe being the same age as you are and having the same dreams as you do but not able to live it up due to no fault of hers or the homeless folk who strive to have one piece of bread and who couldn’t care less how they look, their children playing in the mud quite unaware and carefree of the infections they might catch.
Ever spared a thought to the poor women, who maybe your maid, the sweeper in your office, the fruit vendor/flower seller struggling to make both ends meet and not worried about which skin cream and hair gel to apply or which spa suits her the best.
We should consider ourselves lucky that God had blessed us with a complete set of functioning arms and legs, a proper presentable face irrespective of the skin colour and a smile to go with it, not necessarily a pretty one but a pleasant one.
A smiling face is always attractive and be thankful that we are healthy and not necessarily pretty for others to see. Remember it’s their problem not ours, if they can’t find the hidden beauty each one of us hold, we are pretty in our own eyes and of course for our parents, so live it up and enjoy each and everyday and thank God for all the beauty he has imbibed in us..remember we are precious to someone special!!  🙂
Of course we are PIG s…
Pretty Indian Girls!!!


** My set of pretty women…daring and independent..young at heart and soul and proud of it..**


Being Nee #9

Hey everyone🙋🏻‍♀

I have long been Missing in action..🙈
Work keeps me busy…work place politics keeps me even more busier!!
Soo many stories to tell, though I want to post regularly, things keep me occupied!!

So first things first..
I came back after a week long holiday in Singapore..🤩Oh how I miss that place!!
I dived back deep into work and the problems associated with them…a wholesome package🙄
Recently I watched Robin Hood…a hero I have grown up admiring..I even call myself an Outlaw and the name stuck to me..( and to my deeds in November 😜)
I hate our hospital administrator, assigning him a name, the Sherrif of Nottingham.. it’s too long a name and I don’t want to give him that privilege so let us just call him Dobby!!

But again Dobby was an honest house elf( For the uninitiated…Dobby the house elf from Harry potter??!!)
Next who?? Grindewald (again Harry Potter enthusiasts will know) even that name is too fancy for a dudhead like him (the administrator) Scabbers yes…the Rat..(Harry Potter again) the one who betrays his people!! Yesss that name suits him..

So this Scabbers guy bosses around us, that’s me and my juniors and we decided it was time to give back..
So what could we do??nothing much so we boycotted a camp he organised..revolted..rebelled.. anything one might call it and in turn, yeah we were stopped from doing surgeries!!

What else can the management do..duh huh hit us where it hurts us the most..so stop our surgeries!!
So that’s what he did!!👿
Like we cared..we backed ourselves..we stood up for what was right..we knew we weren’t wrong so we enjoyed that one week by freaking out, being a little bit depressed of course but made the most of it by going to movies, luncheons and shopping!!( Trust a bunch of girls not to go shopping) in addition to working..

So after a date ( if I may call it so ) with the BOSS..after presenting our woes and all the chaos, we are now back to operating..
So a truly eventful yet stressful November for me and oh by the way I turned another year older…wiser??nah but older for sure!!!🤗

I am a true outlaw!!😛and last months events proved it!!!😈
Have a great weekend and an awesome month ahead everyone..hope to keep posting…🤗🤗🤗

🌟Happy Diwali!!!🌟

Hey everyone..🙋🏻‍♀

Happy Diwali!!!
Today is the night before diwali, before Kali Puja Bengalis light 14 lamps or diyas at home..

Some believe the 14 lamps ward off evil spirits..💫

To overcome the negative energy 14 diyas “earthen lamps” are placed all around the house at the juncture of dusk and night..🌙
This custom is refered to as Choddo Prodeep (14 diyas) where “Choddo” indicates fourteen and “Prodeep” indicates diyas..✨

Now since I am married to a Bengali I follow these traditions..
Being a South Indian I love to light lamps for three days including diwali day, so here I am with the Diyas..🌟😍

And My diya..Rhea..

Happy Diwali again everyone..💥

Pujas and more!!


Hey everyone 🙋

So what was I upto…apart from waiting for the long long much awaited one day of not having to go to work-

It’s a holiday yeeaahhh!!!

I had to do the usual routine pujas and stuff..

Puja at my home!!

Puja at my parents house!!

Puja at my sister in law’s house!!

Puja at my workplace

So there you go, along with Lord Ganesha, we too got to enjoy the various yumm puja foods!!

Next we have Dushhera and Diwali and many miscellaneous festivities coming up, which I look forward to..

Hope you did not look at the moon😉!!!Have a great weekend everyone🤗

Dont look at the moon!! It’s Ganesh chaturthi!!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!


Hey everyone🙋

The last couple of weeks have been hectic what with patients pouring in after the festivities..

India has sooo many festivals that come August and the festive season begins…

We had one celebrating the goddess of wealth, Mahalaxmi vrath…it’s like a puja done to appease her..
We have another coming up this week of our favourite elephant headed god…Lord Ganesha who is the lord of wisdom and all new beginnings…

Any auspicious occasion, celebration of any sorts is incomplete without invoking the blessing of Lord Ganesha..

Even if we buy a new vehicle we take it to the temple, get it blessed by Lord Ganesha and then use it…such is the belief in the elephant headed god…

Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated widely across our country, more so in the South of India and Maharashtra!!

We have huge pandals erected with huge huge idols of Ganesha being worshipped for a finite number of days..

The idols are usually made of clay to help easy immersion post the pujas..

With the changing times we now have eco friendly ganesha themes too..

Most of us bring the idol of Ganesha home and celebrate..

you can check out my previous posts on him

Lets go gallivanting again!!!

Come Ganesha chaturthi and I drift away to my childhood memories…

Gallivanting with Ganesha!!

I guess it’s only links and links are all I have to take you down the memory lane…😉
While this interesting story is part of it too…

Don’t look at the moon its Ganesh Chaturthi

So while I await the much needed holiday and gear up for the pujas, do check out the links, so now you know how the festivities progress!!

Have a great week ahead everyone and Happy Ganesh chaturthi to all my friends celebrating it..🤗

Love marriage vs Arranged marriage



Hey everyone 🙋

Been a long time since I have posted a Sunday Gyaan so here it is, me full of thoughts, rants and gyaan overloaded…

So here is the controversial topic of Love marriage vs Arranged marriage
( LM/AM)

A lot of us have been through either of them..
To those, who have a LM, we think, Oh! what a lucky person to have found true love and then getting hitched to the same person..really wonderful!!

To the arranged marriage (AM) ones, it is their patience, perseverance and most importantly a belief that life will offer them with the best!!

As long as love prevails both love and arranged marriages are rosy and nice..
Once life moves on, responsibilities sink in, irrespective of whether Love marriage (LM) or an Arranged marriage (AM) problems creep in..some cope with it, some can’t..
So how does one feel about a relationship ending??

Not many talk about a break up..It’s always about giving us the eye blinding details of how perfect their marriages and relationships are..
When I asked Voldemort (of course, the one who cannot be named🙄) She was of the opinion that love marriages always fail and I, being me, Nee immediately cringed and wanted to say a biguhh Noooo!!!

I felt she was wrong!!
She told me that in love marriages they don’t care about anyone, especially about the elders/ in-laws opinions!! Whereas according to her, in arranged marriages the couple discuss with everyone in the family🙄 Hence, in AM you see very few marriages ending!!

I as usual begged to differ!!

My take on it..
First of all in India even to this day LM are a taboo, slowly people are getting used to this concept, yet the couple involved have a really tough time convincing their respective families and when such a marriage ends?? It’s disaster!!
It is not that LM end cause they (the couple concerned) don’t care about the elders opinion!! No!! In fact (in India at least) I am sure the couples having had a LM put in more effort to please the in laws cause they were never liked by them or never felt welcomed in the first place (maybe gradually later on as they start gelling with the family, things change)

In AMs, the couple’s families meet..
If there is a slight problem, the families first get involved, they sort it out for the couple..Whether the couple are at fault or not, their problems are solved by the elders..

Whereas in LMs the couples can’t go to their elders cause of shame that they are unable to handle the problems themselves and if a few courageous ones (like me😝 ) tell it out, we get to hear 🙄

“We never asked you to find each other, we never asked you to get married, you both had a LM, so sort it out your selves!!” 😕 or even more

“I told you so!!! You never listened, now face the consequences!!” 😒

So now you know what I feel..🤔

It’s my opinion entirely that people who have LM are at a more difficult situation than the AM ones, not saying that AMs have it easy, the pressure of living upto the elders expectations is too much!!

Just saying LM or AM, it’s upto the couple to work it out..very easy to say I know!!
Yes of course there are times when everyone feels like giving up then that is when the realisation of and questioning self arises🤔
So why did I like this guy or girl in the first place?? At some point in our life they have been there for us and they have mattered!!
At some point they have given us love, happiness, comfort, companionship all..
So that is why we chose to stay with them for the rest of our lives..
Problems come and go..
If one is at fault the other has to bow down and tide over it..
All I am saying is LM or AM, people need to know it isn’t easy to keep up a relationship!! especially a marriage!!
It needs to be nurtured an loved!!

Simultaneously it would be wonderful if some insensitive souls don’t give their opinion based on some irrelevant logic!!🙄

Too much of Gyaan I know..

Happy sunday everyone..have a great month and week ahead..until next time think away🤔🤗

🌳The Faraway Tree 🌳


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How oft a summer shower hath started me,to seek the shelter of a hollow tree..

John Clare

Hello everyone…🙋

Clicked these enroute to a tribal eye screening camp..

The hollows in the tree reminded me of the famous Enid blyton series The Faraway Tree

Wish I could live in or at least visit such a magical tree of the lands beyond..just a thought and a wish…😛

Have a great week ahead everyone…🤗🤗🤗

💫Raksha Bandhan!!💫 Continues…



Hey everyone..🙋

It’s that time of the year when sisters tie Rakhi around their brother’s wrist and pray for their wellbeing and in return get loaded with gifts too😜

The elder sister act!!

Rhea and Laksh..

(For the new readers..Rhea is my daughter and Laksh is my nephew…)

Though the two siblings (Rhea and Laksh) are far apart, the bond is shared by tying the scared thread “Rakhi”…

Rakhis accompanied with sweets…

Laksh baby sporting his Rakhi..

Waiting for the day when the elder sister will actually tie Rakhi to her younger brother, till then read along my saga…

Brothers are just awesome!!

Have a great week ahead everyone..🤗

☠️The Doctor’s wife!!🙆


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Hey everyone 🙋

As if Being Nee and a doctor wasn’t enough being a doctor’s wife adds to more mash up’s…Sometimes it’s good, as being in the same profession and same speciality you understand each others problems and sometimes it’s bad cause we discuss people and work even at home !!!Anyways, as I am stuck between the two, I share with you the problems faced by a doctor’s wife !!!🤓 ( A forwarded message )

“Doctor’s wife” a poem…

When I became a Doctor’s wife
All the Romance went out of my life..

When,there is a crescent moonlit night
It reminds him of falciparum gametocyte

If I hold his hand with sudden impulse
He thinks I want to check his pulse.

Once on his shoulder I put my head
“Do you have torticollis?” worried, he said

When my face flushes with pleasure
He rushes to check my blood pressure.

My eyes stare at your handsome face” I tease
He thinks I suffer from Graves Disease

When on his lap I put feet of mine
He tries to elicit the Babinsky sign

When I dress up and ask his opinion
“Conscious cooperative, well oriented,” is his decision!!!

So now you know why it’s essential to stock up on some apples!!!😈Have a great week ahead everyone🤓🤗

Sunday JFL #2!!



Hey everyone 🙋

I am sure you all agree mobiles are such an inevitable part of our daily lives!!
Even if we forget to take our purse or the house keys, we never forget to carry the one thing which none of us can live without!! Our mobile phones!!
I shouldn’t be the one even talking about this cause right now I am typing away on my phone..all my shopping, blogs, reading, browsing everything is done on my phone!!Yup, haven’t used a laptop till date to even draft a single post 🙈 what with soo many apps to help us edit and post,life seems easier and the saying, the world at your finger tips holds good for me..though in a different sense,yeah!!So when I came across few pictures depicting our dependency on the mini life line, I couldn’t help but share it with you all..

Have a great week ahead all!!!😇