Kolkata #1


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A visit to Kolkata is incomplete without tasting the famous  chicken rolls..

Finally got a chance to visit Nizams… the place of origin of kathi rolls!!

Nizams located at new Market area in Kolkata!!!

Located in Hoggs Street at Kolkata’s New Market area, it serves chicken/ mutton rolls filled with yummy kathi kebabs..

Back then Kolkata was known as Calcutta.
Nizam’s was the place for chicken/ mutton rollsΒ and kebabs…
In colonial Calcutta, Indian natives and British expats devoured the palatable kebabs -which were grilled on iron skewers smoky and charred at Nizam’s alike.
But the British patrons found it somewhat messy and troublesome to dig into the greasy kebabs with their hands.
It was especially inconvenient for those on the go, including the babus and sahibs (the British bureaucrats) making the daily commute to the adjacent business district of Dalhousie Square.
To make their lives easier, someone at Nizam’s started wrapping the popular kebabs in crispy..flaky parathas and further wrapping the paratha roll in wax paper to make sure no gravy dripped from the kebabs.
This idea was a hit! Everyone was devouring the rolls happily..

A plate of succulent kathi kebabs!!!

It is impossible that one visits kolkata and doesn’t dig into these yumm rolls..now a staple street food it’s available all over the city but the one at Nizams is the traditional classy original kathi roll!!

Do give it a try when to visit the city of joy!!!

And while at it tasted the Dum biriyani with the classic alu ( Potato)..a typical in Biriyanis here…

Potato in biriyani



With inputs from Google wiki on the origin of nizams!!

Being Nee #15


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I am short..fat and proud of that!!!
– Winnie the Pooh

Singapore October 2019!!!
India November 2019

Question to self??
Would I post these pics a year back?? Probably not…I would have been ashamed of how broad I looked or how stumpy my legs were!!

Being blessed with a pretty face and a huge body always came with comments like “Oh you are sooo pretty, if only you lost some weight!!”

I mean like really??!!! Common anything I do would be related to “You are such an all rounder if only you would loose some weight…it would be perfect!!!

Go shopping and the sales bhaiya would be like “Mam XXL size would fit you!!”😰

It was soo kind of drilled into me that anything or everything I do I still had to look a certain way or dress a certain way so that I would look presentable or lookable!!πŸ™ˆ

Did I care?? Sometimes yes
and sometimes no..I would be totally lying if I said nahhh I did not care..ofcourse it hurts!!
Ofcourse you feel bad when you are made to feel that the only thing worthy of any achievement was if you looked a certain way or got rid of some weight!!!

The same sales bhaiya when I went back after a massive 20 kg weight loss was like “Mam  L  size would still be loose please go for an M!!”
Made me laugh my a.. off!!!
So for the record I am still me..Nee!!!

January 2021

A pretty face and with a body to please the society!!!( Anyone get the sarcasm here??!!)

That’s me Nee!!!

#thursdayrants #rantsandmore #bodypositivity #fatandbeautiful #gogirl

Makar Sankranti!!!


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Hey everyone πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

January is all about new beginnings and welcoming the first festival of the year..Pongal/ Makar Sankranti!!!

It is a festival dedicated to the Surya (The Sun God) and hence marks the beginning of all things new!!!

In all southern states of India the first day is celebrated as Bhogi, the first day of the pongal festival..
The Bhogi Mantalu ( Fire in Telugu language) wherein a bonfire is lit with cow dung cakes and wood!!

The Bhogi Bonfire!!

Old items are discarded and sacrificed in this fire, heralding new beginnings!!

Beautiful rangolis adorn the frontyards and not to forget kite flying and sugarcanes!!!

Rangolis depicting a pot being cooked on fire wood filled and overflowing with sweet pongal marking abundance and prosperity!!!

Pongal is cooked in every household, a sweet one and a savoury version alongside Masala vadais, everything adding on to the festive fervor and hence making the new year truly special!!!

Happy Pongal/ Makar Sankranti everyone!!!

Being Nee #14


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Hey everyone πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Hope the new year is treating you all well!!!

Today’s post is about a cookware toy set made from soapstone!!!

In India you can’t miss baby girls playing with kitchen toy set..my daughter is no exception..

The ever curious tot always accompanies me to the kitchen wanting to know what mumma is cooking!! So inspite of having 3 sets of toy kitchen set she still tags along!!!

This particular cookware made of soapstone is a miniature representation of all the traditional utensils and cookware you find in a typical South Indian kitchen!!!

It brings back memories as a kid when I used to have a similar set to play with…complete with a toy grinding and pounding stone,a cute stove, pots and pans and a lamp too!!!

Complete with a pounding mortar and pestle..grinding…stove..and paniyaram dish!!!

Plastic and toxin free this is simply amazing, but has to be handled with care..so when I came across this online I had to get it more so for me than for Rhea!!


I am more excited to play with these than Rheu doll!!!

This particular set is from essential traditions by kayal!!!

Are you tempted to buy things for self and releive your childhood??😜

Have a great week ahead everyone!!!πŸ€—

Being Nee #13


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Hey everyoneπŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

The perils of growing up fast!!!πŸ‘Ά

Being invited to a birthday party, feels soo odd when I have to let her go to enjoy the company of people her age…realising very soon she will be on her own!!!

She glances at the door to see if I am still there..half wanting me to stay and half eager to enjoy and play with her friends..

Rheu doll!!! Off to a party!!!

I leave her with a smile and a  kiss that mumma will be back and she goes “Mumma don’t miss me, I will come back soon!!”
Such a heart wrenching moment!!!

And the sudden realisation she’s growing up fast!!!

Holding on to the little moments cause they will be the memories of tomorrow!!!

The perils of growing up soon!!!πŸ‘Ά

Being senti mom!!!πŸ˜ͺ



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Hey everyoneπŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

What goes around…goes more round round round and becomes a Jalebi!!!

Jalebis being deep fried!!

As I am currently visiting kolkata…a foodies haven, I had to visit this place called GD market…

( All precautions taken 😊)

Most places in kolkata have these kind of markets in their own respective localities…

It is one of those markets which is like a closed enclosure containing every household item you need..from jewellery to bath fittings… groceries to beddings…and the list goes on..

A stroll through Kolkata’s GD market and one can never miss the sight of Jalebi wale bhaiya( person making Jalebis) at this shop called Raj Bhallavi sweets, dishing out round round jalebis like a pro..

He must have mastered the art to perfection as every curve is round, perfect in thickness and size..

People throng here to taste the hot freshly made Jalebis and samosas!!!
All for just Rupees 5 each!!!

The process begins sharply at 6 p.m and goes on for about an hour or so..

Sometimes the demand is soo much that he finishes his daily lot in a matter of minutes..

Throwback to my days in kolkata, we used to visit this place atleast once a week..

After a hectic day at work this was a perfect way to unwind , sipping kulhad wali chai..( Tea served in small clay pots/ cups) giving it an earthy flavour and of course  jalebi and samosas…pure bliss!!

As I visit kolkata again, memories are refreshed and I keep my diet aside for a bite of this delectable mouth watering sweetmeat!!!
What’s your jalebi story??!!!

Hot Jalebis and rain!!

Tea and me…Nee!!!


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Hey everyone πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

What do you do when you have unexepected rains that too mid morning ones on a dreamy Saturday!!!!

Well, brew a cup of hot tea..grab a book and we are good!!!

Loving it!!!

As I am currently stationed at my in laws and due to lockdowns the daily chores seem never ending..

My “Me Time” includes my tea time, when I am lost deep in thoughts, when I get to sip that warm liquid and just drift away…So I always look forward to having that one cup of tea as I am on a weight loss mode too.. even better when you have surprise rains as you brew some..

What is your dreamy Saturday like…??

Nolen Gurer payesh


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Hey everyone πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Here’s a sweet dish called Nolen Gurer Payesh…Date Palm Jaggery Rice Pudding…

Made by my mil..

It isba typical bengali sweet dish made especially during the winters…

Made from a special flavoured rice called Gobindobhog rice.. simmered for a long time in thick milk and jaggery, to be eaten warm or chilled!!!

Nolen Gurer Payesh!!!

I read somewhere that for Bengalis Payesh( Rice pudding) is Love but Nolen Gurer Payesh is an emotion!!! Holds true for Bengalis..whereas for a non bengali like me tasting the super rich ..creamy… flavour filled kheer tasted like our sweet pongal with a twist!!

✴️Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!✴️


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Hey everyone..πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

In these trying times, the only thing keeping us happy and sane are our festivities which are being celebrated in the confines of our homes with family..( hopefully)

Today is Ganesh Chaturthi in India…the festivities continue starting with Krishna janmashtmi and going on till Diwali…

Ganesha Idol at our premises!!!

Here a few reposts talking about this wonderful festival celebrated in honour of our elephant headed adorable god..Ganesha…

Gallivanting with Ganesha

This festival always takes me down memory lane..

Along with the festivities come different varieties of sweets made especially for this festival as our beloved Ganesha loves food..

A festive recipe, simple and easy made by me…Chef Nee..

Rava Laddus!!!

My lil one wishing all a very happy ganesh chaturthi…

Rhea doing the puja…

Stay safe everyone…😊 And remember, don’t look at the moon!!!😊

Don’t look at the moon!!! It’s Ganesh Chaturthi!!!