Tell Tale Thursday #3


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Hey everyone 🙋
I am back with yet another tell tale thursday picture prompt …thanks to firsttimemommy who sets my brain working by posting these picture prompts .. you can check out her amazing inputs on child care and wonderful short stories..

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu &Priya>

anshu bhoj


Here’s the prompt:

Romantic getaway gone wrong..


Just like any girl she grew up on fairy tales and stories of lands far far away..
It was her childhood dream to always visit disneyland and boy did it come true when her husband surprised her with a trip to Hong Kong..
She was super excited to see the woven tales of Snow white, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping beauty and many more characters come to life in front of her..The castle mesmerised her..
All in good spirit until the better half started asking her to hurry up cause he did not want to miss out on any attractions in the park..
They fought..had difference of opinions and she tagged along reluctantly..
Finally she had had enough and told her better half to leave her and go complete seeing the whole park by himself, while she chose to sit and savour the sights around her..
He actually walked away..she wasn’t expecting that..

Heartbroken, she watched the fireworks show,the hallmark of the theme park held at the end of the day wherein musical stories were being retold and displayed on the castle..her dream castle!!
She missed him..
Both were in the same place yet far away, lost in the crowd..
They reached the meeting point of the tourist bus, she still angry and annoyed that she had to see it all without him..
He fuming that he had indeed missed her and glad she was there safe..

Hope you liked it..Have a great Valentine day…until next time..🤗🤗🤗


V day is here again!!!

Hey everyone🙋

Love is in the air….yet again😉

Few days left for valentine’s and the internet is already abuzz with rose day, chocolate day, promise day..god knows what all days..
No I don’t belong to the old gen neither do I belong to the very new gen..
I am kind of stuck between the two trying to figure out when and how did this hype for V day begin, when did it become sooo very commercialized and exaggerated..

Simultaneously thanking my stars that I wasn’t born in the 2000s cause I really don’t want to go through this torture of buying or gifting stuff to the beloved..(just my opinion)
The new young gen can continue with their idea of being and falling in love..
I came across these pics where in the brain dominates the poor emotional heart ..a kind of brain heart game…

This is basically pretty much all of it summed up…

While my situation is this

Cause remember shoe love is true love…😜

Have a great week ahead everyone..🤗

Tell Tale Thursday #2


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Hey Everyone 🙋

This is in response to a blog post #telltalethursday by first time mommy you can check out her amazing inputs on child care and wonderful short stories

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya>

Here’s the prompt:

The sepia tinted pics..Brought back memories of those bygone days when a picture meant a lot…a camera reel loaded with 36 shots..with no space for retakes..
One shot captured is final.. whether you look fat or have hair covering your face..candid as we call them now, it was all in the moment..

The beauty and sceneries were more embedded in the heart and soul and not in those hard-disks loaded with multiple shots which we hardly ever go back and look..
As I was immersed in these thoughts, my two year old daughter came over to ask me “Mumma pic..”
I complied by clicking a series of pouty pictures for an Instagram post..
So Ironic I know…(sigh)

This is my version of the tell tale prompt..not a story just thoughts..

🇮🇳Republic and weekend thoughts…🇮🇳


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Hey everyone..

(This was supposed to be posted a couple of days ago..but never too late…)
In an attempt to try and post regularly here I am..
A few weekend updates/thoughts..

🇮🇳So firstly we celebrated Republic day so “Happy Republic day” to all the Indian’s worldwide…

🏡Just back from a festive holiday visiting the in laws and again we get an off thanks to the national holiday..Republic day…so I make the most of it and visit my dad at my hometown..

🏥Work wise I am still going strong( touch wood) trying to achieve goals I keep setting for self!!

🎊It is the better half’s birthday 🎂 this month and I am still looking out for a gift for him..soo boring….cause he apparently has everything I could ever dream off getting him..( I always write this line..cause it is the same everyear)

🦄I somehow seem to harbor a new obsession of sudden urges.. currently it being colouring my hair red or ombre or oh wait..reddish burgundy type??!!! Omg…red hair…so let me see how far I get to it..

👡Another I want want thing is shoes.. few of my reader friends would know of my obsession with shoes..sandals..wedges..flats..(only the comfy things mind you)😛

Shoe love is true love!!!

So I ended up buying 5 pairs of them as if the world is going to end and swallow up all the footwear…The expression on my dad and better half’s face when they saw these were priceless🤣

💄Lipsticks and me are never far off…I still am looking for that baby pink with soft subtle tones..the search is on…

🇮🇳Reality check this was supposed to be a republic day post 🙈 but being me ..Nee.. you know… so once again Happy Republic Day my fellow Indians..🇮🇳
Be the change..

Tell Tale Thursday!!


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Hey Everyone 🙋

This is in response to a blog post #telltalethursday by first time mommy you can check out her amazing inputs on child care and wonderful short stories

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya >

Here’s the prompt:

You hear a rasping knock at the door at 1 am.

Write a story following this sentence – it can be funny, scary, dramatic! Anything that showcases your writing skills.

So here is mine

They heard a rasping knock at 1.a.m
The better half opened the door..
She peeped to look at what or who it was..
There HE was, the face she often wondered about, for the past soo many years..
As their eyes met, HE stood there silently having a conversation with her..

Her husband cleared his throat to remind them of his presence..
She came back to the present…HE stood there still…
The train to the village was late HE said..too late she thought!!
HE was back to the village after all those years..those long years which she had spent thinking of why HE had not comeback or sent a post, as he had promised HE would..

HIS family had migrated during partition..

HE had come back to sell their village house and go back forever..
The look on HIS face said it all..

My first attempt at picture prompt story..hope you liked it , any feedback would be appreciated and don’t forget to check out firsttimemommy
Have a great weekend everyone!!!🤗

Being Nee #11



Hey everyone🙋

New year..New hope.. New resolutions…😛

Wait what was mine again???🤔I don’t remember making any specific resolutions cause I never stick to them🙈
But come January and the intense urge to loose some weight creeps in..😩

As usual, I am feeling lazy to go to the gym,not that I am a regular!!😒
It takes great willpower, planning, waking up and dragging myself to go work out!!🙈

So I decided I will start the GM diet..( General Motors diet) for weight loss and specifically for detoxifying..
I feel bloated thanks to the new year’s lunches and dinners and the cakes what I have been eating..

I normally don’t eat junk food…just occassionally, cause I am eternally on a weight loss spree!!😏
Always being conscious of what I am eating atleast makes me maintain my current weight if not loose any…
So I am off to start the GM diet again..and does it work???oh yes..for me it does.. surprisingly…I modify it to suit my needs and yes I end up losing atleast 2 kilos without workouts and 4 kilos with workouts..that is the max my body can loose in a span of 7-10 days..
I love it cause it makes me feel light…I do loose the inches though, I fit into my jeans and all but most importantly helps me detox!!Which I feel is very essential!!

You start questioning your food habits and get a reality check on the amount of water you drink or rather how much you are supposed to consume which I am sure most of us don’t wish me luck..Let us see if I can loose some weight, inches and feel light!!!😈

Have a great rest of the week!!!🤗

The Good…The Bad and the Distances…


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Hey everyone..🙋
Another year zoomed by and here I am with my annual post!!!😉

So 2018 saw me being more focused at work…with having to stay away from my daughter but career wise, 2018 gave me the boost I needed…

So January saw me chilling out with my 15 month old daughter..partying..visiting my parents and getting to meet my nephew Laksh..
Rhea my daughter too bonded with him,displaying signs of being the elder sis..🤗
My dad was the most happiest having both his grandchildren with him for the various occasions that followed..

Rhea and Laksh!!

A few ups and downs and Feb – March I was with my in-laws at Banares, who wanted to spend time with their grand daughter..
(I love can find my many links to posts on banares..) My in laws stay there so visiting that place makes me soo soo happy..

Rhea @ 16

April, ahhh the most difficult month for me as I joined work..wanting to do my fellowship..I had to leave Rhea at my dad’s place…the thought of leaving a 16 month old baby and going away for few months was heart breaking.. I am sure all the mother’s can relate to this..
The turning point when your baby needs you, your baby hasn’t ever been without you since the time she was born and you decide to wean her off abruptly..ugghh It was truly difficult for me..sooo very difficult that I ended up sick with high fever that lasted almost a week after leaving her.. I have never fallen so sick in my entire life..moments of sadness..loneliness..mixed feelings about not having your little one around you is truly depressing but I had to do what was best for both of us..So gearing up for what was in store I started work at a completely new place..

That’s Rhea and Laksh…

Rhea @ 18

May, saw my dad visiting us with Rhea…I was apprehensive thinking what if she has forgotten me-her mother!! But to my delight after 57 days of staying apart, my lil one was shy on seeing me and readily clinged to me, that is when the saying “Only babies know how their mom’s heart beats both inside and out ” sounded sooo true to me..cause only she could know that..

June, saw Rhea travelling back with my Mil and the parting was difficult..she being soo small couldn’t understand what was happening ..I just wanted her to be happy with or without me..
I dived back to work..focussing on sharpening my surgical skills..
Thus passed June..July and in August..I visited my daughter..just for a couple of days but it was soo amazing to see her chattering away nonstop and clinging back to me…the goodbyes are always painful..
I cried and cried that yet again I had to leave her with the only consolation that I would be seeing her soon in about a month’s time..

Rhea @20.. Laksh in the corner..

End of September, my lil baby was with me in laws visited and stayed with us for a month..

It was a hectic yet calming month..I had my work and Rhea too..
Morning to evening slog at work and evenings coming back eagerly to see an equally excited Rhea..who used to jump and shout with happiness on seeing us..
October, my daughter turned 2 years old!! My my a biguhh girl..seemed like she was born just yesterday and now she is all grown up( I am sure all parents feel that way)

2 years old!!!

We had a low key celebration, we had our trip to Singapore too, a much needed break from the hectic everyday schedule..


Rhea is back with my in laws now..happy as can be.. November and December she celebrated Diwali and Christmas with them..hoping to catch up with her soon..

Thus ended 2018 for me with ups in my career and my daughter learning to be independent at such a young age..

Rheu doll!!!

I am actually happy cause when I look back I see that me and Rhea both are in our happy zones..
Maybe it is essential for all mothers to make that decision, be it weaning off your baby or getting back to work..
It is heartbreaking for every mother but as I always say one has got to do what one has to do..
I see many friends complain that their toddlers just don’t stay without them, don’t sleep or eat without them forget that, they don’t even go their fathers..
That way I am quite lucky cause Rhea has adapted soo well.. I am sure in her lil heart and mind she does want Mumma and Dadda ( maybe)
But she is such a cheerful and adjusting kid that I am indeed lucky that I get to be her mother…
So this sounded more like a mother’s day post rather than the year that was..but for me it was truly an eventful year and hope that the next year sees me getting to be with Rhea more..

Apart from Rhea..I found new friends..acquaintances.. them anything, a bunch of wonderful people at work!!

It is indeed surprising that how one year you are all alone,a mental wreck, deprived of sleep and hating socialising, with a one year old to take care of, attending to her needs being the sole priority of times of depression, questioning what is the use of being soo educated when all you are doing is changing diapers and cooking meals and then reminding yourself this is motherhood and it has to be enjoyed with its ups and downs..The very next year you are soaring career wise and the little one is blooming into an awesome individual with a mind of her own..
Life is good..touch wood…
..I have no regrets..I love being a housewife/career woman and a mother

Now what’s in store for me the next year only time will tell..🤔
As always, What do I look forward to, in this new year..👀 👀
Ahaaa..hmmmm..errrrr…nothing specific resolutions cause I don’t stick to them but yes, every passing year I find myself evolving to be more mature..
So there you go you have a mature me,Nee!!😛

A silent prayer to god to keep my dad healthy, hearty and in good spirits..💕💕💕
So once again I am really happy to share this with my wonderful wordpress friends.. 😃
Not sounding overtly dramatic
Hope all of your dreams come true too..
May all of you achieve what you have always wanted..
Let good health and peace prevail..
Make some one happy each day with a little act of kindness..( m still trying too)
Live and let live..💕💕💕💕
And let’s all jingaa la la la hooo people!!!💃💃💃
Until next year… It’s the time to disco ..whoo hooo