Tell Tale Thursday!!


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Hey Everyone 🙋

This is in response to a blog post #telltalethursday by first time mommy you can check out her amazing inputs on child care and wonderful short stories

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya >

Here’s the prompt:

You hear a rasping knock at the door at 1 am.

Write a story following this sentence – it can be funny, scary, dramatic! Anything that showcases your writing skills.

So here is mine

They heard a rasping knock at 1.a.m
The better half opened the door..
She peeped to look at what or who it was..
There HE was, the face she often wondered about, for the past soo many years..
As their eyes met, HE stood there silently having a conversation with her..

Her husband cleared his throat to remind them of his presence..
She came back to the present…HE stood there still…
The train to the village was late HE said..too late she thought!!
HE was back to the village after all those years..those long years which she had spent thinking of why HE had not comeback or sent a post, as he had promised HE would..

HIS family had migrated during partition..

HE had come back to sell their village house and go back forever..
The look on HIS face said it all..

My first attempt at picture prompt story..hope you liked it , any feedback would be appreciated and don’t forget to check out firsttimemommy
Have a great weekend everyone!!!🤗


Being Nee #11



Hey everyone🙋

New year..New hope.. New resolutions…😛

Wait what was mine again???🤔I don’t remember making any specific resolutions cause I never stick to them🙈
But come January and the intense urge to loose some weight creeps in..😩

As usual, I am feeling lazy to go to the gym,not that I am a regular!!😒
It takes great willpower, planning, waking up and dragging myself to go work out!!🙈

So I decided I will start the GM diet..( General Motors diet) for weight loss and specifically for detoxifying..
I feel bloated thanks to the new year’s lunches and dinners and the cakes what I have been eating..

I normally don’t eat junk food…just occassionally, cause I am eternally on a weight loss spree!!😏
Always being conscious of what I am eating atleast makes me maintain my current weight if not loose any…
So I am off to start the GM diet again..and does it work???oh yes..for me it does.. surprisingly…I modify it to suit my needs and yes I end up losing atleast 2 kilos without workouts and 4 kilos with workouts..that is the max my body can loose in a span of 7-10 days..
I love it cause it makes me feel light…I do loose the inches though, I fit into my jeans and all but most importantly helps me detox!!Which I feel is very essential!!

You start questioning your food habits and get a reality check on the amount of water you drink or rather how much you are supposed to consume which I am sure most of us don’t wish me luck..Let us see if I can loose some weight, inches and feel light!!!😈

Have a great rest of the week!!!🤗

The Good…The Bad and the Distances…


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Hey everyone..🙋
Another year zoomed by and here I am with my annual post!!!😉

So 2018 saw me being more focused at work…with having to stay away from my daughter but career wise, 2018 gave me the boost I needed…

So January saw me chilling out with my 15 month old daughter..partying..visiting my parents and getting to meet my nephew Laksh..
Rhea my daughter too bonded with him,displaying signs of being the elder sis..🤗
My dad was the most happiest having both his grandchildren with him for the various occasions that followed..

Rhea and Laksh!!

A few ups and downs and Feb – March I was with my in-laws at Banares, who wanted to spend time with their grand daughter..
(I love can find my many links to posts on banares..) My in laws stay there so visiting that place makes me soo soo happy..

Rhea @ 16

April, ahhh the most difficult month for me as I joined work..wanting to do my fellowship..I had to leave Rhea at my dad’s place…the thought of leaving a 16 month old baby and going away for few months was heart breaking.. I am sure all the mother’s can relate to this..
The turning point when your baby needs you, your baby hasn’t ever been without you since the time she was born and you decide to wean her off abruptly..ugghh It was truly difficult for me..sooo very difficult that I ended up sick with high fever that lasted almost a week after leaving her.. I have never fallen so sick in my entire life..moments of sadness..loneliness..mixed feelings about not having your little one around you is truly depressing but I had to do what was best for both of us..So gearing up for what was in store I started work at a completely new place..

That’s Rhea and Laksh…

Rhea @ 18

May, saw my dad visiting us with Rhea…I was apprehensive thinking what if she has forgotten me-her mother!! But to my delight after 57 days of staying apart, my lil one was shy on seeing me and readily clinged to me, that is when the saying “Only babies know how their mom’s heart beats both inside and out ” sounded sooo true to me..cause only she could know that..

June, saw Rhea travelling back with my Mil and the parting was difficult..she being soo small couldn’t understand what was happening ..I just wanted her to be happy with or without me..
I dived back to work..focussing on sharpening my surgical skills..
Thus passed June..July and in August..I visited my daughter..just for a couple of days but it was soo amazing to see her chattering away nonstop and clinging back to me…the goodbyes are always painful..
I cried and cried that yet again I had to leave her with the only consolation that I would be seeing her soon in about a month’s time..

Rhea @20.. Laksh in the corner..

End of September, my lil baby was with me in laws visited and stayed with us for a month..

It was a hectic yet calming month..I had my work and Rhea too..
Morning to evening slog at work and evenings coming back eagerly to see an equally excited Rhea..who used to jump and shout with happiness on seeing us..
October, my daughter turned 2 years old!! My my a biguhh girl..seemed like she was born just yesterday and now she is all grown up( I am sure all parents feel that way)

2 years old!!!

We had a low key celebration, we had our trip to Singapore too, a much needed break from the hectic everyday schedule..


Rhea is back with my in laws now..happy as can be.. November and December she celebrated Diwali and Christmas with them..hoping to catch up with her soon..

Thus ended 2018 for me with ups in my career and my daughter learning to be independent at such a young age..

Rheu doll!!!

I am actually happy cause when I look back I see that me and Rhea both are in our happy zones..
Maybe it is essential for all mothers to make that decision, be it weaning off your baby or getting back to work..
It is heartbreaking for every mother but as I always say one has got to do what one has to do..
I see many friends complain that their toddlers just don’t stay without them, don’t sleep or eat without them forget that, they don’t even go their fathers..
That way I am quite lucky cause Rhea has adapted soo well.. I am sure in her lil heart and mind she does want Mumma and Dadda ( maybe)
But she is such a cheerful and adjusting kid that I am indeed lucky that I get to be her mother…
So this sounded more like a mother’s day post rather than the year that was..but for me it was truly an eventful year and hope that the next year sees me getting to be with Rhea more..

Apart from Rhea..I found new friends..acquaintances.. them anything, a bunch of wonderful people at work!!

It is indeed surprising that how one year you are all alone,a mental wreck, deprived of sleep and hating socialising, with a one year old to take care of, attending to her needs being the sole priority of times of depression, questioning what is the use of being soo educated when all you are doing is changing diapers and cooking meals and then reminding yourself this is motherhood and it has to be enjoyed with its ups and downs..The very next year you are soaring career wise and the little one is blooming into an awesome individual with a mind of her own..
Life is good..touch wood…
..I have no regrets..I love being a housewife/career woman and a mother

Now what’s in store for me the next year only time will tell..🤔
As always, What do I look forward to, in this new year..👀 👀
Ahaaa..hmmmm..errrrr…nothing specific resolutions cause I don’t stick to them but yes, every passing year I find myself evolving to be more mature..
So there you go you have a mature me,Nee!!😛

A silent prayer to god to keep my dad healthy, hearty and in good spirits..💕💕💕
So once again I am really happy to share this with my wonderful wordpress friends.. 😃
Not sounding overtly dramatic
Hope all of your dreams come true too..
May all of you achieve what you have always wanted..
Let good health and peace prevail..
Make some one happy each day with a little act of kindness..( m still trying too)
Live and let live..💕💕💕💕
And let’s all jingaa la la la hooo people!!!💃💃💃
Until next year… It’s the time to disco ..whoo hooo

🌶️Hyderabadi Mirchi ka Salan🌶️


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Hey everyone🙋

It is the last Sunday of the year..I haven’t been very active these past few months so as I was making a dish for the very first time I thought why not share it with my reader Friends here…

This dish is a Hyderabadi special, I have had this dish many a times at a friend’s place or at a restaurant especially accompanied with Biryani..
Now why Hyderabadi is because it is a very normal almost everyday kind of dish especially in muslim households everywhere more so in Hyderabad..
It is usually had with plain white rice or my favourite Biryani..

🌶️🌶️Mirchi ka Salan, meaning Mirchi= chillies
Salan= thin gravy usualy made of peanuts
Salan is a Urdu word for curries..

Without going too much into the stories let me start..
( I haven’t taken the pics in order)

We use Bhajji chilli’s, they are these huge big chilli peppers..

The Ingredients are (approximate values)

*Chilli peppers : 6-8
*Peanuts : a cup
*Star aniseed : 1-2
*Coriander seeds : 2 tablespoons
*Red chillies : 3-4 ( depending on how spicy you want it)
* Tamarind : lemon sized ball soaked in water
*Onions : 1 ( big one)
*Tomatoes : 1 medium sized

(The traditional authentic recipe requires sesame seeds…poppy seed and dry coconut…I don’t have them so making it with the basic minimum ingredients 😜 and of course it tastes good this way too🙈)


🌶️So first dry roast the peanuts and remove their skin..
🌶️Dry fry the star aniseed..corainder chillies..
🌶️Put them all in a mixer and make a thick paste with little water( grind to a thick consistency, shouldn’t be runny)
🌶️Once done transfer to a bowl..
🌶️Make a paste of the tomatoes and onions and keep aside..

Clockwise..Soaked tamarind…peanut paste…onion tomatoes paste and chilli peppers

🌶️Wash and dry the chilli peppers and make vertical slits…
🌶️Stuff them with the above thick paste..

🌶️Take a pan, with a little oil..(a couple of spoons)
🌶️Sauté the stuffed chillies till they get a light brown char..



🌶️In another pan..heat some oil..add in cumin seeds..add in the onions and tomato paste..fry fry till the raw smell is gone..then add the rest of the paste used for the stuffing and stir away till the oil layer separates on top..

🌶️Then add in the fried chilli peppers..water about a cup to be added..
🌶️With occasional stirring, cook till the gravy is thick and the colour changes, indicated by the oil layer at top of the gravy..

🌶️The consistency of the gravy can be adjusted accordingly..
🌶️Garnish with freshly chopped coriander and serve hot with plain rice..rotis..parathas or the quintessential Biryani…yummy!!!😋😋😋


Here’s wishing everyone a happy hungry Sunday..💞🤗

Being Nee #10


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Hey everyone 🙋

Thursday 20/12/18
12.40 p.m

( Before I begin, I am at an eye screening a steel plant in a remote area of Andhra Pradesh,with a staff of 600 employees ..the majority were screened over the past two is the last day, so basically I am jobless…to be read as no patients😛 so I type away)

As I sit here at an eye camp site, lost in thoughts…surrounded by spaces and a steel plant amidst all, I ponder away..
A day before it was all windy with mist and a day later the same skies have cleared up..

The sun shines brightly through the trees and it’s a warm feeling..not hot but warm…a mix of chill and warmth prevails!!

A few scattered trees rather shrubs, winter flowers just blooming here and windy spaces all of which is making me reflect on the year that was..
I have made soo many new acquaintances if not besties..
A year which saw me climbing up the career ladder…excelling in what I do…overcoming my fears and with it even having to stay away from my lil one..
A year can make so much difference..getting to know different people..their diplomatic or how naive people are..
Gelling along with young and old at the same time..
Yes thoughts overflow and as I pen ( rather type it down) I am still pondering what the next year has in store for me..

A part of which I know I will make it happen and a part which is unknown..
“Just go with the flow” being my tagline which has changed, thanks to a book I am reading currently which states “Don’t go with the flow…be the flow”
Oh awesome I thought so let’s see, let ME make and be the flow the coming year..
Let’s see what is in store for me..
Wishing all my reader Friends happiness and good times..🤗 Enjoy the pre Christmas blast!! While I still ponder away…😉

That’s me Nee!!

A PIG??!!!




It’s been a long time since my last post..nothing seemed to excite me much…thoughts went blank and then again the same old thoughts of people’s perception of beauty set me thinking…

What’s so special about beauty???
The first thing which comes to your mind?? yeah beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder you would say and what more??come on go on..its just that???
Is a persons beauty just in his/ her looks?? So what about the so called inner beauty??? Volumes and volumes of books have been written on the so called inner beauty!! What about all that??
Ok agreed we first do look at a persons physical/ facial appearance.
Some have a pleasant face and some a crude one, so our impressions are already made.
Whether we are going to like this person or not, atleast an initial impression is made ok and then next what?? The person opens his/her mouth to talk and two things happen..either an avalanche sets in and we are more doomed and horrified and pray and wish to disappear that very instant from there unable to listen to their talks or we are even more impressed and awestruck!!
So…what  is beauty exactly?? I know such a silly question but just spare a thought, delve into it just the outward external appearance??
Is that what its all about?? That way every body would be considered ugly cause not one person is perfect!!
If you have a fully pleasant and a  charming face, rest assured you have crooked teeth!! If you have an awesome body structure a perfect figure, you have dark skin!!
If you have an amazing smile but oops what happened to that hair on your head???sorry it looks like a birds nest to me!!
If you have a handsome personality and charming manners, oh wait!! Ur nose!!! Eeeks it’s either tooooo long or tooo broad or doesn’t exist at all!!!
So tell me one person who is really  perfect and bingo every Indian answers, “Oooooo Aishwarya rai!!” Really??? No offence meant but come on people have you seen her smile??? it’s so fake and artificial and all made up, compare her smile to Madhuri dixits or the yester years heroine Madhubala and now tell me if she’s perfect?? (why the poor Aishwarya who is the most beautiful woman in the world, who set the screens soaring in dhoom 2 was taunted and made fun off and was the butt of all jokes when she put on weight post pregnancy!!)
Talking of the young gen, you would say Katrina or Priyanka?? Really??Again?? after all the nose jobs and the edematous lips, you really think they are perfect???
(no offence again but just a thought )

It’s the need to look beautiful, picture perfect and pretty which drives even the most gorgeous of women to surgeries to enhance their bust or straighten their nose or have ant bitten puffy lips or get punctured 100 times for botox!!
Then what about normal common women like you and me?? Who aren’t privileged enough to undergo the same and yet we are compared to the celebrities…
Every one wants a daughter in law like Aishwarya, a wife like Katrina, a sister in law like Dipika!!
My answer??? Ok fine..come on shell out the money and you will have a babe wife and a prized catch bahu!!
People!! These celebrities have everything, they don’t have to worry about endless maths and physics theorems, equations and formulas to be mugged up and solved or the next days viva or about the baby’s diaper being changed or the milk,eggs and vegetables being over or what to cook for breakfast or worry over the children’s homework!!
It isn’t just me, its the common thoughts echoed from every woman’s mind.

All women young and old have gone through this dilemma, this absurd feeling of inferiority atleast once in their lives. What’s more important now is realizing you can’t be perfect!!
Yes you can try to be presentable but not perfect cause no one is and no one shall ever be but some things are best left as it is!!
You are beautiful as you are, in your own dark skin, beautiful with a broad blobby nose, beautiful even with thin almost there lips or a blink and you miss it eyebrows, beautiful in your huge curvy/anorexic frames.

Its time to realize to be healthy and happy in your own skin, the people who matter will love you no matter how you look, they will look beyond imperfections and beauty cause beauty is not what life is all about.

Ever thought of the crippled lady struck with polio, maybe being the same age as you are and having the same dreams as you do but not able to live it up due to no fault of hers or the homeless folk who strive to have one piece of bread and who couldn’t care less how they look, their children playing in the mud quite unaware and carefree of the infections they might catch.
Ever spared a thought to the poor women, who maybe your maid, the sweeper in your office, the fruit vendor/flower seller struggling to make both ends meet and not worried about which skin cream and hair gel to apply or which spa suits her the best.
We should consider ourselves lucky that God had blessed us with a complete set of functioning arms and legs, a proper presentable face irrespective of the skin colour and a smile to go with it, not necessarily a pretty one but a pleasant one.
A smiling face is always attractive and be thankful that we are healthy and not necessarily pretty for others to see. Remember it’s their problem not ours, if they can’t find the hidden beauty each one of us hold, we are pretty in our own eyes and of course for our parents, so live it up and enjoy each and everyday and thank God for all the beauty he has imbibed in us..remember we are precious to someone special!!  🙂
Of course we are PIG s…
Pretty Indian Girls!!!


** My set of pretty women…daring and independent..young at heart and soul and proud of it..**

Being Nee #9

Hey everyone🙋🏻‍♀

I have long been Missing in action..🙈
Work keeps me busy…work place politics keeps me even more busier!!
Soo many stories to tell, though I want to post regularly, things keep me occupied!!

So first things first..
I came back after a week long holiday in Singapore..🤩Oh how I miss that place!!
I dived back deep into work and the problems associated with them…a wholesome package🙄
Recently I watched Robin Hood…a hero I have grown up admiring..I even call myself an Outlaw and the name stuck to me..( and to my deeds in November 😜)
I hate our hospital administrator, assigning him a name, the Sherrif of Nottingham.. it’s too long a name and I don’t want to give him that privilege so let us just call him Dobby!!

But again Dobby was an honest house elf( For the uninitiated…Dobby the house elf from Harry potter??!!)
Next who?? Grindewald (again Harry Potter enthusiasts will know) even that name is too fancy for a dudhead like him (the administrator) Scabbers yes…the Rat..(Harry Potter again) the one who betrays his people!! Yesss that name suits him..

So this Scabbers guy bosses around us, that’s me and my juniors and we decided it was time to give back..
So what could we do??nothing much so we boycotted a camp he organised..revolted..rebelled.. anything one might call it and in turn, yeah we were stopped from doing surgeries!!

What else can the management do..duh huh hit us where it hurts us the stop our surgeries!!
So that’s what he did!!👿
Like we cared..we backed ourselves..we stood up for what was right..we knew we weren’t wrong so we enjoyed that one week by freaking out, being a little bit depressed of course but made the most of it by going to movies, luncheons and shopping!!( Trust a bunch of girls not to go shopping) in addition to working..

So after a date ( if I may call it so ) with the BOSS..after presenting our woes and all the chaos, we are now back to operating..
So a truly eventful yet stressful November for me and oh by the way I turned another year older…wiser??nah but older for sure!!!🤗

I am a true outlaw!!😛and last months events proved it!!!😈
Have a great weekend and an awesome month ahead everyone..hope to keep posting…🤗🤗🤗

🌟Happy Diwali!!!🌟

Hey everyone..🙋🏻‍♀

Happy Diwali!!!
Today is the night before diwali, before Kali Puja Bengalis light 14 lamps or diyas at home..

Some believe the 14 lamps ward off evil spirits..💫

To overcome the negative energy 14 diyas “earthen lamps” are placed all around the house at the juncture of dusk and night..🌙
This custom is refered to as Choddo Prodeep (14 diyas) where “Choddo” indicates fourteen and “Prodeep” indicates diyas..✨

Now since I am married to a Bengali I follow these traditions..
Being a South Indian I love to light lamps for three days including diwali day, so here I am with the Diyas..🌟😍

And My diya..Rhea..

Happy Diwali again everyone..💥

Pujas and more!!


Hey everyone 🙋

So what was I upto…apart from waiting for the long long much awaited one day of not having to go to work-

It’s a holiday yeeaahhh!!!

I had to do the usual routine pujas and stuff..

Puja at my home!!

Puja at my parents house!!

Puja at my sister in law’s house!!

Puja at my workplace

So there you go, along with Lord Ganesha, we too got to enjoy the various yumm puja foods!!

Next we have Dushhera and Diwali and many miscellaneous festivities coming up, which I look forward to..

Hope you did not look at the moon😉!!!Have a great weekend everyone🤗

Dont look at the moon!! It’s Ganesh chaturthi!!