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Hey everyone🙋

Today’s post is about a yum tea time snack called Masala Khari..

Masala khari

Khari is a kind of puff pastry.. Fluffy and crunchy to munch on..

I don’t know much about it’s origin..but wiki stated that The khari biscuit was a part of the cuisine of the Irani Zoroastrian population..All I know is I love this yumm tea time snack…

It’s available with toppings of sugar or plain and simple salted versions…here I have it topped with chilli flakes and a bit of spices…

Topped with chilli flakes and don’t miss the layers

Mine is not home made..it is a ready to eat snack available in most bakeries and stores in India..

Khari and a cup of tea!!!

Have you tried it??