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Hey everyone🙋

Since I am on my eternal never ending diet mode I would like to post and share about few superfoods which are soo common and soo underrated…

Since the pandemic started and even before that in my quest to understand what to eat and what not for weight loss I have come across, read about and consumed soo many foods… Which so called are low in calories and help to loose weight!!!

Nowadays we have an aqua mineral water infused with vitamins and all the essential nutrients… a diet coke with zero calories..super energizer power packed drinks..a ready to have low calorie high ptotein smoothie and what not…Come to think of it why would anyone want to pay extra money and go for something which doesn’t seem as healthy as advertised, when a humble, easily available tender coconut does the job at a lower cost?? Way back as a kid I remember sipping them for as low as 5 rupees which has escalated to 25 Rs per coconut and the prices rise during summers.. 🌴

This is one super food/ super drink which can be had even during pregnancy when one is coping with morning sickness or when you have a stomach upset..gastric issues..electrolyte imbalance or plain and simple to just loose weight and stay hydrated… 🌴

As a doctor I advise this to my patients when I prescribe certain medications which cause potassium depletion in the body.. Due to it’s potassium and varied mineral components it helps to stabilise the sodium potassium levels in the body…🌴

It’s such a naturally occuring elixir which has all the nutrients one can ask for in any health drink and most importantly has soo many health benefits ranging from lowering sugar levels to working it’s magic as an antioxidant.. 🌴

Of course it’s important to consume the water fresh from the coconut.. I still don’t believe in those packaged coconut drinks as they usually have some kind of preservatives…🌴

As I was scrolling google for some gifs..I came across that September 2nd is celebrated as World coconut day!!! Super coincidence of some sorts…🌴

I incorporate this drink everyday in my diet..helps me stay on track with my weight loss…So if you get your hands on one.. Make sure to grab it and stay hydrated… 🌴

Until next time.. Have a great September everyone 🤗🌴

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