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Hey everyone🙋

In a follow up to my diet food and cravings, today, I really really wanted to have some egg bhurji and plain paratha!! 😋

Plain paratha with Egg bhurji!!

Ok so for the Non Indian reader friends..

Egg bhurji is scrambled eggs mixed with onions and few spices..

Plain paratha or chappathi as we call it in southern India is simple wheat bread…

It is a simple everyday meal in most Indian homes but very special to me cause as a kid I remember hogging it every single day… A sort of comfort food… 😍

Now speaking in nutritional terminology it is a complete meal with Carbs.. Proteins and takes care of the daily micronutrients too…( for the weight watchers and calorie counters😉)

Chappathi or plain paratha is made on an everyday basis in every Indian household and eaten with sabjis ( curries- both veg/ non veg) Jams..Pickles..onions..stuffed..

I like it with ghee and sugar,so now you all know how I piled on those extra kilos…my school snack box used to invariably contain atleast one ghee sugar laden paratha🙈

( My mum thought It would help me grow vertically- as in tall, but I ended up growing horizontally) 🙈

As time flew and with less time for breakfast, I started enjoying my parathas with Tea.. Oh yes the love for tea is never ending!!

The thought of having tea wid parathas/ chappathi would freak out many!!! But have you tried it?? If not just try it once.. Puris with tea.. Parathas with tea.. Even dosas dipped in tea… Ahh heaven!!! It sure needs some time for the taste buds to get used it but once you do I am sure you will love it😍

So much for my simple cravings… Easy to make.. Less calories.. Nutritious and yummy!! Until next time.. Have a great week ahead everyone!!!

Bhindi pyaaz