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Hey everyone πŸ™‹

For the few reader friends who know.. I have been on an eternal diet… Have achieved my goal, I am on a weight maintainence mode… Still I watch what I eat and count my calories too.. Some days I just follow the simple diet and some days I crave for foods..

Sometimes the cravings don’t essentially mean only biriyani or something exotic… Have been craving for this simple veg meal since a week so finally went ahead and prepared this one..

Bhindi pyaaz and Roti

Bhindi is hindi word for Okra/ Lady’s finger..

Pyaaz is hindi for onions..

Roti is flattened wheat bread!!

At a better angulation!! 😜

Plain simple phulka/ roti goes with any veggie / non veg and is incorporated in many a diet plan…

And of course a sudden urge to have chocolate too.. As I gave a piece to my daughter I couldn’t resist biting into India’s favorite dairy milk… With my favorite roasted almonds…

Chocolate love😍😍😍

What’s your cravings like…. Do let me know…

Until next time..have a great weekend allπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—