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Hey everyone🙋

Today post is about a salad..
Hesaru Belle Kosambari

Hesaru Belle – Split green gram
Kosambari- Salad ( in the South Indian kannada language)

Kosambari is a simple and easy to assemble South Indian salad.
A very healthy and yummy one served usually in weddings and festive occasions where food is prepared and served in large quantities…If you go to a typical South indian wedding where food is served and eaten seated..not the buffet type..(as in you are seated in rows with a banana leaf spread in front of you, the traditional way of having food in the South of India at functions..)

You will find the servers first placing salt, pickle on the banana leaf followed by this Kosambari/ salad..
It is yum, refreshing and a really tasty salad..so by the time we wait for the actual food this salad helps to satisfy the initial hunger pangs..
I have had this normally at weddings and I totally love it so encorporating this in my weight loss diet as it has a healthy mix of proteins and veggies..

It is made up of Moong lentils/ moong daal, veggies like carrots, cucumber are also added. Addition of fresh coconut is one of the highlight in kosambari and it does make a lot of difference to the final dish. A final tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves is also done. However, the tempering part can be skipped


🥗Soak 1/4 th cup of yellow moong daal for about 2 hours
🥗Grated carrot
🥗Finely chopped cucumber
🥗One green chilli chopped
🥗Freshly grated coconut ( can be skipped)
🥗Salt to taste
🥗A teaspoon of lemon juice..

For the tempering/ tadka

🥗A pinch of mustard…Jeera.. Asafoetida…Curry leaves… Chopped coriander and a teaspoon of oil

So in a bowl..
🥗Mix in the chopped cucumber, grated carrots and coconut,chopped chillies, coriander..
🥗Squeeze some lemon juice add in salt..
🥗In a small pan  take some oil add in mustard..jeera..asafoetida..coriander..curry leaves..

🥗Add this tempering to the salad and  mix well..Can be had as it is or mixed with curd too..

Do try this really light and refreshing salad as a side dish or with your regular meals..