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Hey everyone🙋

Picked this one up from drafts..it states my life as a mother when Rhea( daughter) was a year old…

A quick post!! What with a one year old clinging to you everytime you pick up the phone to post something and then you are left wondering what was that you wanted to type??maid woes??new house rants??weight issues?? And then you feel post about this phase called being a mom!!!

Rosy and cute as it may sound..I am sure all parents out there especially mommies have been there done that so here I go

Yeah that’s how Rhea sleeps…

Even to this day…

Me, currently summarised in one word!!

Yup that’s me!!

Sleep dear sleep where art thou??!!

And this is what Rhea does..

Everyday I find myself mashing potatoes, lentils and rice for her, with a bit of spices for flavour and madam just refuses to eat and when I sit down with my diet food grumpy and starved she goes waaaaaaaa wanting to know what’s on my plate or wailing away until I pick her up!!

Ahhh so now the story makes sense🙃

Hanging on there…

Until next time, to all the mommies out there, sleep while you can..😴😴😴