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Hey everyone🙋

Continuing my never ending love for the humble Idlies..

The Idli Diaries #1

The Idli Diaries #2

So taking you all down memory line…

During my Internship, we were posted in a government hospital for about 2 months, so the routine was that all friends would meet up for breakfast at this awesome place called Halli manne ( literally translated as village house, it’s still there in Bangalore) where they used to dole out fluffy idlis and other yummy breakfast items, they had a huge variety to offer..

My friends used to try out every item on the menu..I was determined to do the same but god knows why I used to end up ordering one Idli and one vada with sizzling hot sambhar and this continued for the whole two months we were posted there, everyday breakfast was the same, yummy hot Idlis and I never tired of it..

This trend continued even  during my post grad days, when my friends used to order Pooris, Dosas and Poha,  I used to stick to my staple of one Idli one vada again and again,so that’s when I realised I have an never ending connection with the humble idli..humble Nee..humble idli..😉 given the fact that idlis is also a diet food so my calorie count was in check( remember I am on an eternal never ending diet)

So much for my love for idlis..

Oh and even the day after I delivered, I was given Idli and milk so now you know, Idli rocks!!
Annnddd I am hungry typing soo much about idlis,  I want one plate right now!! 🤤

So if ever you come across this humble everyday staple in the South of India, grab a hot plate with sambhar and let the magic work…have a great weekend all..🤗🤗🤗