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Hey Everyone🙋

So continuing my love for idlis..

The Idli Diaries #1

When  I graduated to medical college, I used to take all my friends especially the North Indians to this awesome place in Bangalore, street food of course.. Idlies are served in posh restaurants to the humble thela wala ( street vendor)

The chutneys are something to die for..ahh the endless number of times I have visited this place in bangalore, Commercial street, an elderly couple doling out the most delicious, soft, mouth watering idlis paired with chutneys of two colours, a white one made of lentils and a red one made of fiery hot red chillies and tomatoes..

Chutneys itself need an entire post to be described..you have soo many to choose from!!
We have restaurants serving  small small lemon sized idlis to huge ones called “Thatte Idlis” with different chutneys..

So I am imagining myself standing in front of this cart waiting for my turn for steaming idlis, served really hot hot hottttt with the chutneys in tow..ahh I have lost track of the innumerable visits to that place !!!

Speaking of idli love let me share with you another personal story..

It dates back to med school, me and my husband who was “Just a Friend” back then!!
As usual I was craving for Idlis from the cart, so he took me there, rather I forced him to come along..
Being the hygiene freak that he is, he was cringing when I insisted on having a plate of Idlis, he let me have my fill though..

So the story goes like this wherein I am blabbering away something and the vendor passes the plate of hot idlis!! Too hot for me to hold and my husband ( who was still just a friend) took out his handkerchief and placed the plate on it and held it for me till it was cool enough for me to eat and I literally ended up eating it out of his hands while still chatting away!! Awww that made me melt indeed..(soo kiddish you might say but yup that’s me Nee and what do you expect I would do??!!  All of 21 and experiencing this  ha ha ha so that was a sign of love blossoming..) Poor hubby still tags along cribbing and grumbling when I tell him I wanto eat idlis from the vendors..

As I was searching for images I got to know there is a world idli fay too.. Every year, March 30 is observed as World Idli Day, a day dedicated to this delicious, fermented healthy food.. Now that’s also news to me.. Wow!!!

More about the Idli love in the next post…Until next time drool away, grab a hot plate of Idli sambhar and let the magic work…have a great week ahead all..