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Hey everyone🙋

Today post is a very hungry one..Yes my hunger for the staple food in South of India..The Humble Idli!!!😋😋
Why humble??🤔Cause it is the cheapest food!!!

Easiest to make ( I guess only South Indians consider it easy to make) Like rajma chawal is a delicacy for us Southies, Idli is a delicacy in the North..( Speaking entirely and purely based on my experience)

So what is an Idli??!!💁 For my Non Indian friends, here is a link to the description about one of the awesome food South India has to offer.. 


My love story with idlis dates back to my childhood, when my mum used to give me and my brother 1 rupee on Saturdays ( somedays even she needed a break from cooking and we, a chance to gorge on outside food) So, those were the days when idlis used to cost us just 25 paise each, so 4 Idlis for a ruppee was an awesome deal, shared between me and my bro with the most amazing and tastiest chutneys!!🤤

Ohhh soo in love with Idlis!!!

Idlis in India is available at breakfast and dinner in high end restaurants and as street food too..
The taste of the Idlis sold in the carts is totally awesome and entirely different compared to the once sold at restaurants and hotels which boast of it as a rice dumpling steamed and simmered in spiced broth and blah blah blah, it’s a basic rice ball that’s it!!! 🤨😱😳😩

Coming back to my story, my mom used to pack 2 idlis with mint chutney for school..ahhh a memory I still can’t forget!!😍
A friend of mine amused me by having it with ghee and sugar, so you see, idli can be eaten with groundnut,coconut,mint chutneys..sugar..soaked in milk..with spicy lentil powder mixtures..with vegetable sambhar and the list is endless..

Have Idli with sambhar
Have it with variety of chutneys!!

The next memory I have as I progressed to high school is of buying it from a small eateries called Sandarshinis for 1 rupee, the prices had increased by then..
My brother’s love for idli sambhar and vada surpasses mine!!
Every Saturday after the routine NCC drill in his school he used to treat himself to 2 plates of Idli Vada sambhar!!

💸The prices kept increasing from 25 paise in the 1990s to 1 ruppee in 1994 to 5 ruppees in 1998 to the current 30 ruppees for 4 idlis.. (street food prices) The hotels charge anywhere from 50 to 150 ruppees for a plate..
Idlis are mostly served in pairs cause no one can eat just one😋

In short, Idlis are the most basic and the most easily available and loved breakfast item that has ever been discovered to us South Indians!! More about my idli love in the next post.. Until next time… Enjoy hot Idli sambhar with cool cool chutney!! 🤗🤗🤗