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Hey everyone๐Ÿ™‹

I am soo obsessed with cuisines from across the world so felt that what may seem a daily routine, normal food to me might be a delicacy to someone in another part of the world..
Hence sharing with you a very simple, humble if I may call it so, a staple everyday meal kind of a dish..Lemon Rice! !

Lemon rice straight from my kitchen!!

Give me lemon rice every single day and I can have it for ages…trust me I seriously can..
Traditionally a South indian dish it has evolved along the way with additions and twists in various states of India to suit each ones palate..
It can be had as a breakfast item made from leftover rice or as a starter dish at lunch or as an evening snack where rice is replaced by puffed rice and as a dinner item..( I am sure people all across the world don’t believe in wasting food hence rice is reused in some form to make it fresh again and consumed..)

Lemon rice is such an amazing dish that it is served as Prasadam in South indian temples… Along with its counter part, Tamarind rice called as Puliogare and curd rice..

Yes… Festivals are incomplete without these yummy  dishes..
In India on any festival or auspicious occasion, you will find these delicacies being prepared as pooja prasadams…
There is something about these prasadams distributed at The temples especially, The lemon rice / tamarind rice taste out of the world.. You just can’t get that taste when the same dishes are made at home I always wonder why??!!๐Ÿค”

The elders say it’s the pooja/ God’s touch..as in food which is cooked as a prasadam is never tasted before offering,so it’s told that the divine grace goes with the cooks excellence in cooking the offering…I really till date don’t understand that cause I still can’t cook that way๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„
Lemon rice is also a favourite for long distance travels..back in the days when train travel was the most convenient, large families used to pack up lemon rice for the long journey..

I remember travelling from Bangalore to Mumbai..Bangalore to Shiridi and lemon rice accompanied me on every single journey…given the fact that it has lemon hence it prevents rice from getting spoilt..

The dish requires just Lemon and the usual spices found in a South Indian kitchen..
I love to eat mine with Papad..Potato fry..Chips.. Omlette.. Chicken ( fry and gravy form) and the list is endless..

Lemon rice complete with Green Chillies..Curry leaves.. Jeera.. Mustard.. Groundnuts.. Turmeric gives it the typical yellow colour..

Here it is served with chicken kabab.. My daughter loves this combo.. The tangy taste mixed with spicy chicken is simply yum

Chicken kabab!!

Thus this amazing everyday staple food, rules the lives of every South Indian household..
Do let me know if you have tried this dish..