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Hey everyone🙋

7 years on WP and still at it..on and off but still at it…sometimes filled with rants and thoughts from my everyday life to forwarded messages which amused me..
From sharing my little cooking recipes to full on b…..g about people, it has  been a looong journey for me…

I started WP as I was bored..at crossroads stuck between making a career in the medical field and taking a break from continuous studying…so at my first ever job  while still preparing for my post grad exams, I remember writing posts in between seeing patients, I used to and still type them down from my phone…completely new to the blogging world and the technological aspects, I learnt the basics gradually…What started as a hobby and a portal for expressing myself served as hope to when I was really low.. Reading blogs from across the world.. Travelling through places virtually.. Reading about the different cultures, traditions and lifetyles  is still exciting…

Once I started my journey here I learnt so many things..it was kind of an adventure for me..the more I read and enjoyed my fellow bloggers post, I realised it is indeed a bright happy world out there..
So with an on and off effect am still here trying to keep up.. Trying to share my musings and thoughts, learning and evolving in the process..

I also made soo many new friends across the world, I enjoyed reading their posts, comments and replying back..soo much for WordPress,so thanks again guys..it is not just a blogging platform it is a boon in disguise!!