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Hey everyone🙋

So there goes another month in the calendar..

As I bid farewell to June, my most happy month for reasons still unknown to me.. I look forward to an eventful rest of the year..(hopefully in a good way though)

I somehow feel this year went really fast initially and then the lockdown happened and things got slow again…
So what have I been up to?!! Being on a break from work I realise how much I miss my surgeries..
With the usual mom..daughter in law duties..working on maintaining my weight..houshold chores ..all keep me real busy and of course I tried my best to be active on WP.. 😉

The last few days of June saw me heavily “Pms”ing according to my friend with whom I keep in touch  through  voice messages, as she has a really busy schedule and given that both of us aren’t free at any time of the day..

We catch up with each other through technology’s boon “Voice messages”
I record them when I go for a walk and she replies back in the early hours when the whole world is fast asleep…
So during one of my conversations with her, I had ranted about how I felt used by friends only when they need my medical advise!
Yes I had a lot of queries from people about vaccination.. When the news channels ..tabloids..all have info about vaccination.. I was still bombarded with questions regarding the same.. And I felt like I was a free doc at hand for many..

Also many friends and acquaintances who dont even ask me how am I doing, just send a message asking for eye consultations..suggestions on vaccine and covid related treatment..
Of course being a doc and a friend and an acquaintance, I feel obliged to comply but when you feel you are being used only for this and at normal times you don’t even get a how are you message or an occasional call is when you feel  really upset.. Especially when it’s from close group of friends..

So when I ranted out these to my voice message friend she pointed out
#1 I was “Pms”ing.. Which was true🙈
#2 She told me people looked upto me hence this suggestions seeking behavior.. Ok I partly agree to it… 🙄
#3 She told me about how Cats and Dogs feel..😱
A Dog feels my owner loves me so he is GOD
A Cat feels my owner loves me so I must be GOD…

So she told me to look at it either way.. Either I think like a Dog and feel people use me for their needs or think like a Cat and feel I am soo good hence people come to me..🙄 so I should feel superior about it…

This thought really struck me.. Making me realise it’s all about how you look at things yet again..
So thus, I walk into July, a partially enlightened person, thanks to my voice message friend..😈

Hope to take things as they come..Happy doctors day to me and all the docs out there 🤗