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A visit to Kolkata is incomplete without tasting the famous  chicken rolls..

Finally got a chance to visit Nizams… the place of origin of kathi rolls!!

Nizams located at new Market area in Kolkata!!!

Located in Hoggs Street at Kolkata’s New Market area, it serves chicken/ mutton rolls filled with yummy kathi kebabs..

Back then Kolkata was known as Calcutta.
Nizam’s was the place for chicken/ mutton rolls and kebabs…
In colonial Calcutta, Indian natives and British expats devoured the palatable kebabs -which were grilled on iron skewers smoky and charred at Nizam’s alike.
But the British patrons found it somewhat messy and troublesome to dig into the greasy kebabs with their hands.
It was especially inconvenient for those on the go, including the babus and sahibs (the British bureaucrats) making the daily commute to the adjacent business district of Dalhousie Square.
To make their lives easier, someone at Nizam’s started wrapping the popular kebabs in crispy..flaky parathas and further wrapping the paratha roll in wax paper to make sure no gravy dripped from the kebabs.
This idea was a hit! Everyone was devouring the rolls happily..

A plate of succulent kathi kebabs!!!

It is impossible that one visits kolkata and doesn’t dig into these yumm rolls..now a staple street food it’s available all over the city but the one at Nizams is the traditional classy original kathi roll!!

Do give it a try when to visit the city of joy!!!

And while at it tasted the Dum biriyani with the classic alu ( Potato)..a typical in Biriyanis here…

Potato in biriyani



With inputs from Google wiki on the origin of nizams!!