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I am short..fat and proud of that!!!
– Winnie the Pooh

Singapore October 2019!!!
India November 2019

Question to self??
Would I post these pics a year back?? Probably not…I would have been ashamed of how broad I looked or how stumpy my legs were!!

Being blessed with a pretty face and a huge body always came with comments like “Oh you are sooo pretty, if only you lost some weight!!”

I mean like really??!!! Common anything I do would be related to “You are such an all rounder if only you would loose some weight…it would be perfect!!!

Go shopping and the sales bhaiya would be like “Mam XXL size would fit you!!”😰

It was soo kind of drilled into me that anything or everything I do I still had to look a certain way or dress a certain way so that I would look presentable or lookable!!🙈

Did I care?? Sometimes yes
and sometimes no..I would be totally lying if I said nahhh I did not care..ofcourse it hurts!!
Ofcourse you feel bad when you are made to feel that the only thing worthy of any achievement was if you looked a certain way or got rid of some weight!!!

The same sales bhaiya when I went back after a massive 20 kg weight loss was like “Mam  L  size would still be loose please go for an M!!”
Made me laugh my a.. off!!!
So for the record I am still me..Nee!!!

January 2021

A pretty face and with a body to please the society!!!( Anyone get the sarcasm here??!!)

That’s me Nee!!!

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