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Hey everyone 🙋🏻‍♀️

Hope the new year is treating you all well!!!

Today’s post is about a cookware toy set made from soapstone!!!

In India you can’t miss baby girls playing with kitchen toy set..my daughter is no exception..

The ever curious tot always accompanies me to the kitchen wanting to know what mumma is cooking!! So inspite of having 3 sets of toy kitchen set she still tags along!!!

This particular cookware made of soapstone is a miniature representation of all the traditional utensils and cookware you find in a typical South Indian kitchen!!!

It brings back memories as a kid when I used to have a similar set to play with…complete with a toy grinding and pounding stone,a cute stove, pots and pans and a lamp too!!!

Complete with a pounding mortar and pestle..grinding…stove..and paniyaram dish!!!

Plastic and toxin free this is simply amazing, but has to be handled with care..so when I came across this online I had to get it more so for me than for Rhea!!


I am more excited to play with these than Rheu doll!!!

This particular set is from essential traditions by kayal!!!

Are you tempted to buy things for self and releive your childhood??😜

Have a great week ahead everyone!!!🤗