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Hey everyone 🙋🏻‍♀️

Been a long long time…

Since it’s lockdown in India and am attending hospital for emergency and taking telecalls I get a little free time to cook and bake…made this for the family..

Kul kuls / gala gala or kala kala!!! These crispy crunchy snacks are called by various names in various parts of India…

Me being a South Indian prefer to call them gala galas…
I first came across these as a kid during Christmas season when this particular delicacy along with rose cookies would make an appearance through out Christmas and new year..
I never knew of it’s origin then..Later got to
know it was a Goan/ Manglorean speciality..
My granny taught me how to make these..

I was fascinated as to how the snack derived its shape…

Serrated kul kuls

Like all curled with serrations on the top..kind of crest and troughs…learnt that it’s made with the dough being pressed at the back of a fork..

Getting the shape right!!

The last time I made these was during  2015 Christmas..with my grandmother instructing me on the measurements and the consistency of the dough…

Today as I made them after 4 years I miss my grandma who passed away 3 weeks ago…

I couldn’t even say a proper goodbye to her due to the lockdown…made this in her memory today!!!
Will always miss her!!

Hope to keep posting more regularly…until next time…stay safe!!!🤗🤗🤗