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Hey everyone 🙋

I am back with yet another tell tale thursday picture prompt …thanks to firsttimemommy
You can check out her amazing inputs on child care and wonderful short stories..

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu &Priya>

anshu bhoj


Here’s the prompt:

The Railway Station!

Brings back many memories of the bygone days…
One such is of the time she had to stay away from her love…not knowing what was store for her in the future…

Read along…

They walked hand in hand…She wouldn’t let go of his..She was a mess internally but seemed very calm outside..He too was surprised that some one like her who was an endless bundle of energy was soo calm that day..
She knew it could be or maybe it was the last time ever she was seeing him..maybe..nothing was certain at that moment..

He was going away to his city..to a new life..having completed his medical school He had nothing left here except maybe her.. maybe..

The train arrived at their platform..having placed His luggage they both stood silently watching the crowd hustling by..
As the train cooed she panicked..
It was time for Him to leave..they hugged and kissed without a care as to who was seeing them..

He boarded the train..She stood there watching him leave..witholding her tears..
He mumbled a love you..She mumbled back something…She saw him leave and was completely shattered..

The months passed by they stayed in touch through mails and messages…She met him after a year and half..He had changed completely..yet He was Hers..

She was nudged from her reverie by her husband as she stood there on the same platform waiting to board the train, the very same train,to her In-laws place..His place..(Though 4 years late, She married only Him)
She had her hand in His..Happy and glee..!!

Have a great weekend everyone 🤗🤗🤗