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Hey everyone ๐Ÿ™‹

I am back with yet another tell tale thursday picture prompt …thanks to firsttimemommy

You can check out her amazing inputs on child care and wonderful short stories..

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu &Priya>

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Here’s the prompt:

She heard a loud crash at about 3 in the noon..
8 months pregnant,she ran or atleast tried to get fast to where the sound was coming from..

She heard a lot of commotion, of people shouting and sounds of branches giving away..
She stood still in her balcony.. Before her lay the magnificent tree..

The same tree she had seen and nurtured since the house was built..
No one knew why and how
it had come crashing down..

The huge branches crashed against the electric poles and the compound walls of the opposite house…
She could not bear to see the very tree beneath whose shelter she had spent those rainy days on the balcony watching the rain droplets tickle the window grills..
The same tree cause of which the summer months were cooler..
Her favourite pastime being standing in the balcony at 2 in the morning wherein the cool breeze from the tree brushed against her..
When the whole world was asleep, she used to just stand and watch the tree taking in the calmness of the night…
The many summers she had spent reading a book or enjoying an evening Tea under the shelter of the tree..

The sight of the squirrels playfully chasing each other on the branches or the cawing of the crows would never be seen or heard again..
It took quite a while for her to overcome the shock and get used to absence of the tree…
One fine morning a month later she woke up to another commotion..She hurried to the balcony with her new born..
This time to see her Dad and few neighbours standing at the same spot busy planting a new sapling..
Her dad looked up and she beamed with joy..
Soon another tree would sprout there and would grow up with her daughter..

Hope you enjoyed reading this one..

Have a great weekend everyone…๐Ÿค—