Hey everyone🙋

Love is in the air….yet again😉

Few days left for valentine’s and the internet is already abuzz with rose day, chocolate day, promise day..god knows what all days..
No I don’t belong to the old gen neither do I belong to the very new gen..
I am kind of stuck between the two trying to figure out when and how did this hype for V day begin, when did it become sooo very commercialized and exaggerated..

Simultaneously thanking my stars that I wasn’t born in the 2000s cause I really don’t want to go through this torture of buying or gifting stuff to the beloved..(just my opinion)
The new young gen can continue with their idea of being and falling in love..
I came across these pics where in the brain dominates the poor emotional heart ..a kind of brain heart game…

This is basically pretty much all of it summed up…

While my situation is this

Cause remember shoe love is true love…😜

Have a great week ahead everyone..🤗