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Hey Everyone 🙋

This is in response to a blog post #telltalethursday by first time mommy you can check out her amazing inputs on child care and wonderful short stories

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya>

Here’s the prompt:

The sepia tinted pics..Brought back memories of those bygone days when a picture meant a lot…a camera reel loaded with 36 shots..with no space for retakes..
One shot captured is final.. whether you look fat or have hair covering your face..candid as we call them now, it was all in the moment..

The beauty and sceneries were more embedded in the heart and soul and not in those hard-disks loaded with multiple shots which we hardly ever go back and look..
As I was immersed in these thoughts, my two year old daughter came over to ask me “Mumma pic..”
I complied by clicking a series of pouty pictures for an Instagram post..
So Ironic I know…(sigh)

This is my version of the tell tale prompt..not a story just thoughts..