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Hey everyone..

(This was supposed to be posted a couple of days ago..but never too late…)
In an attempt to try and post regularly here I am..
A few weekend updates/thoughts..

🇮🇳So firstly we celebrated Republic day so “Happy Republic day” to all the Indian’s worldwide…

🏡Just back from a festive holiday visiting the in laws and again we get an off thanks to the national holiday..Republic day…so I make the most of it and visit my dad at my hometown..

🏥Work wise I am still going strong( touch wood) trying to achieve goals I keep setting for self!!

🎊It is the better half’s birthday 🎂 this month and I am still looking out for a gift for him..soo boring….cause he apparently has everything I could ever dream off getting him..( I always write this line..cause it is the same everyear)

🦄I somehow seem to harbor a new obsession of sudden urges.. currently it being colouring my hair red or ombre or oh wait..reddish burgundy type??!!! Omg…red hair…so let me see how far I get to it..

👡Another I want want thing is shoes.. few of my reader friends would know of my obsession with shoes..sandals..wedges..flats..(only the comfy things mind you)😛

Shoe love is true love!!!

So I ended up buying 5 pairs of them as if the world is going to end and swallow up all the footwear…The expression on my dad and better half’s face when they saw these were priceless🤣

💄Lipsticks and me are never far off…I still am looking for that baby pink with soft subtle tones..the search is on…

🇮🇳Reality check this was supposed to be a republic day post 🙈 but being me ..Nee.. you know… so once again Happy Republic Day my fellow Indians..🇮🇳
Be the change..