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Hey everyone🙋

It is the last Sunday of the year..I haven’t been very active these past few months so as I was making a dish for the very first time I thought why not share it with my reader Friends here…

This dish is a Hyderabadi special, I have had this dish many a times at a friend’s place or at a restaurant especially accompanied with Biryani..
Now why Hyderabadi is because it is a very normal almost everyday kind of dish especially in muslim households everywhere more so in Hyderabad..
It is usually had with plain white rice or my favourite Biryani..

🌶️🌶️Mirchi ka Salan, meaning Mirchi= chillies
Salan= thin gravy usualy made of peanuts
Salan is a Urdu word for curries..

Without going too much into the stories let me start..
( I haven’t taken the pics in order)

We use Bhajji chilli’s, they are these huge big chilli peppers..

The Ingredients are (approximate values)

*Chilli peppers : 6-8
*Peanuts : a cup
*Star aniseed : 1-2
*Coriander seeds : 2 tablespoons
*Red chillies : 3-4 ( depending on how spicy you want it)
* Tamarind : lemon sized ball soaked in water
*Onions : 1 ( big one)
*Tomatoes : 1 medium sized

(The traditional authentic recipe requires sesame seeds…poppy seed and dry coconut…I don’t have them so making it with the basic minimum ingredients 😜 and of course it tastes good this way too🙈)


🌶️So first dry roast the peanuts and remove their skin..
🌶️Dry fry the star aniseed..corainder seeds..red chillies..
🌶️Put them all in a mixer and make a thick paste with little water( grind to a thick consistency, shouldn’t be runny)
🌶️Once done transfer to a bowl..
🌶️Make a paste of the tomatoes and onions and keep aside..

Clockwise..Soaked tamarind…peanut paste…onion tomatoes paste and chilli peppers

🌶️Wash and dry the chilli peppers and make vertical slits…
🌶️Stuff them with the above thick paste..

🌶️Take a pan, with a little oil..(a couple of spoons)
🌶️Sauté the stuffed chillies till they get a light brown char..



🌶️In another pan..heat some oil..add in cumin seeds..add in the onions and tomato paste..fry fry till the raw smell is gone..then add the rest of the paste used for the stuffing and stir away till the oil layer separates on top..

🌶️Then add in the fried chilli peppers..water about a cup to be added..
🌶️With occasional stirring, cook till the gravy is thick and the colour changes, indicated by the oil layer at top of the gravy..

🌶️The consistency of the gravy can be adjusted accordingly..
🌶️Garnish with freshly chopped coriander and serve hot with plain rice..rotis..parathas or the quintessential Biryani…yummy!!!😋😋😋


Here’s wishing everyone a happy hungry Sunday..💞🤗