It’s been a long time since my last post..nothing seemed to excite me much…thoughts went blank and then again the same old thoughts of people’s perception of beauty set me thinking…

What’s so special about beauty???
The first thing which comes to your mind?? yeah beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder you would say and what more??come on go on..its just that???
Is a persons beauty just in his/ her looks?? So what about the so called inner beauty??? Volumes and volumes of books have been written on the so called inner beauty!! What about all that??
Ok agreed we first do look at a persons physical/ facial appearance.
Some have a pleasant face and some a crude one, so our impressions are already made.
Whether we are going to like this person or not, atleast an initial impression is made ok and then next what?? The person opens his/her mouth to talk and two things happen..either an avalanche sets in and we are more doomed and horrified and pray and wish to disappear that very instant from there unable to listen to their talks or we are even more impressed and awestruck!!
So…what  is beauty exactly?? I know such a silly question but just spare a thought, delve into it..is it just the outward external appearance??
Is that what its all about?? That way every body would be considered ugly cause not one person is perfect!!
If you have a fully pleasant and a  charming face, rest assured you have crooked teeth!! If you have an awesome body structure a perfect figure, you have dark skin!!
If you have an amazing smile but oops what happened to that hair on your head???sorry it looks like a birds nest to me!!
If you have a handsome personality and charming manners, oh wait!! Ur nose!!! Eeeks it’s either tooooo long or tooo broad or doesn’t exist at all!!!
So tell me one person who is really  perfect and bingo every Indian answers, “Oooooo Aishwarya rai!!” Really??? No offence meant but come on people have you seen her smile??? it’s so fake and artificial and all made up, compare her smile to Madhuri dixits or the yester years heroine Madhubala and now tell me if she’s perfect?? (why the poor Aishwarya who is the most beautiful woman in the world, who set the screens soaring in dhoom 2 was taunted and made fun off and was the butt of all jokes when she put on weight post pregnancy!!)
Talking of the young gen, you would say Katrina or Priyanka?? Really??Again?? after all the nose jobs and the edematous lips, you really think they are perfect???
(no offence again but just a thought )

It’s the need to look beautiful, picture perfect and pretty which drives even the most gorgeous of women to surgeries to enhance their bust or straighten their nose or have ant bitten puffy lips or get punctured 100 times for botox!!
Then what about normal common women like you and me?? Who aren’t privileged enough to undergo the same and yet we are compared to the celebrities…
Every one wants a daughter in law like Aishwarya, a wife like Katrina, a sister in law like Dipika!!
My answer??? Ok fine..come on shell out the money and you will have a babe wife and a prized catch bahu!!
People!! These celebrities have everything, they don’t have to worry about endless maths and physics theorems, equations and formulas to be mugged up and solved or the next days viva or about the baby’s diaper being changed or the milk,eggs and vegetables being over or what to cook for breakfast or worry over the children’s homework!!
It isn’t just me, its the common thoughts echoed from every woman’s mind.

All women young and old have gone through this dilemma, this absurd feeling of inferiority atleast once in their lives. What’s more important now is realizing you can’t be perfect!!
Yes you can try to be presentable but not perfect cause no one is and no one shall ever be but some things are best left as it is!!
You are beautiful as you are, in your own dark skin, beautiful with a broad blobby nose, beautiful even with thin almost there lips or a blink and you miss it eyebrows, beautiful in your huge curvy/anorexic frames.

Its time to realize to be healthy and happy in your own skin, the people who matter will love you no matter how you look, they will look beyond imperfections and beauty cause beauty is not what life is all about.

Ever thought of the crippled lady struck with polio, maybe being the same age as you are and having the same dreams as you do but not able to live it up due to no fault of hers or the homeless folk who strive to have one piece of bread and who couldn’t care less how they look, their children playing in the mud quite unaware and carefree of the infections they might catch.
Ever spared a thought to the poor women, who maybe your maid, the sweeper in your office, the fruit vendor/flower seller struggling to make both ends meet and not worried about which skin cream and hair gel to apply or which spa suits her the best.
We should consider ourselves lucky that God had blessed us with a complete set of functioning arms and legs, a proper presentable face irrespective of the skin colour and a smile to go with it, not necessarily a pretty one but a pleasant one.
A smiling face is always attractive and be thankful that we are healthy and not necessarily pretty for others to see. Remember it’s their problem not ours, if they can’t find the hidden beauty each one of us hold, we are pretty in our own eyes and of course for our parents, so live it up and enjoy each and everyday and thank God for all the beauty he has imbibed in us..remember we are precious to someone special!!  🙂
Of course we are PIG s…
Pretty Indian Girls!!!


** My set of pretty women…daring and independent..young at heart and soul and proud of it..**