Hey everyone🙋

The last couple of weeks have been hectic what with patients pouring in after the festivities..

India has sooo many festivals that come August and the festive season begins…

We had one celebrating the goddess of wealth, Mahalaxmi vrath…it’s like a puja done to appease her..
We have another coming up this week of our favourite elephant headed god…Lord Ganesha who is the lord of wisdom and all new beginnings…

Any auspicious occasion, celebration of any sorts is incomplete without invoking the blessing of Lord Ganesha..

Even if we buy a new vehicle we take it to the temple, get it blessed by Lord Ganesha and then use it…such is the belief in the elephant headed god…

Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated widely across our country, more so in the South of India and Maharashtra!!

We have huge pandals erected with huge huge idols of Ganesha being worshipped for a finite number of days..

The idols are usually made of clay to help easy immersion post the pujas..

With the changing times we now have eco friendly ganesha themes too..

Most of us bring the idol of Ganesha home and celebrate..

you can check out my previous posts on him

Lets go gallivanting again!!!

Come Ganesha chaturthi and I drift away to my childhood memories…

Gallivanting with Ganesha!!

I guess it’s only links and links are all I have to take you down the memory lane…😉
While this interesting story is part of it too…

Don’t look at the moon its Ganesh Chaturthi

So while I await the much needed holiday and gear up for the pujas, do check out the links, so now you know how the festivities progress!!

Have a great week ahead everyone and Happy Ganesh chaturthi to all my friends celebrating it..🤗