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Hey everyone 🙋

As if Being Nee and a doctor wasn’t enough being a doctor’s wife adds to more mash up’s…Sometimes it’s good, as being in the same profession and same speciality you understand each others problems and sometimes it’s bad cause we discuss people and work even at home !!!Anyways, as I am stuck between the two, I share with you the problems faced by a doctor’s wife !!!🤓 ( A forwarded message )

“Doctor’s wife” a poem…

When I became a Doctor’s wife
All the Romance went out of my life..

When,there is a crescent moonlit night
It reminds him of falciparum gametocyte

If I hold his hand with sudden impulse
He thinks I want to check his pulse.

Once on his shoulder I put my head
“Do you have torticollis?” worried, he said

When my face flushes with pleasure
He rushes to check my blood pressure.

My eyes stare at your handsome face” I tease
He thinks I suffer from Graves Disease

When on his lap I put feet of mine
He tries to elicit the Babinsky sign

When I dress up and ask his opinion
“Conscious cooperative, well oriented,” is his decision!!!

So now you know why it’s essential to stock up on some apples!!!😈Have a great week ahead everyone🤓🤗