Hey everyone 🙋

How does one feel when on a random working day, immersed in work and a hectic schedule, you pick up the phone and just mindlessly browse through Instagram just to see a mention of your ex crush’s name in one of the posts!! A long forgotten first crush!!! Who is not even in your friend list!!

The heart beats increasing and sooo very curious to know and see how that person looks after 10 years!!!Yess indeed it happened to me this morning…as I was busy scheduling my surgeries for the day and waiting for the call, I just about happened to open Instagram to see a post featuring the only crush I had ever proposed too..

Well he told me off politely giving reasons which seem soo juvenile now..but juvenile we were..all of 19 and me being daring enough to tell him I liked him..he cited cultural differences as the reason it could not happen..

One fine day I get to know he married a girl from the south, same as me..wow…the funny thing being, that girl is my husband’s friends sister and he invited my husband and me to their wedding..So techinically, indirectly I was invited to my ex crush’s wedding…whoaaaa it’s indeed a small small world after all..

Seeing him on Instagram after 10 years felt weird…ha ha ha no we don’t follow each other on any of the social medias.. a by chance post and it brought back memories on a busy working day..

I was curious to know if he has babies..how his wife looked and blah blah.. Lo behold, it was his daughter’s first birthday celebrations and I got a sneak peek at his wife too..

Of course I am a curious George, I wanted to know how she looked..better than me?? Was she pretty? What does she have that I did not have?? Was that his daughter? Whom does she look like??oh my god we both ended up having our first born as daughters and his daughter’s name rhymes with my Rhea, he he he the usual juvenile girlish things running in my mind!! Am I jealous??no not at all, I am in a happy place, happily married with a loving and caring husband who by the way is my ex crushes senior at medical school and his favourite junior!!confused???!!Mine is a long love story verry verry dramatic and bollywood film like, maybe will blog about it some day…

Coming back to my question ,dear WP friends, what would you do if you come across your ex??maybe in a picture or in person, do let me know..while meanwhile I sort my head straight and get back to work..yeah it’s Saturday,no holiday for us!!
Happy weekend all..🤗