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Hey everyone🙋🏻‍♀
Happy June🌤️

A post long pending..

Work kept me busy,
June makes me happy
Soo soo happy,
that I wonder why..😜

Here is a little play of words penned, rather typed when I came across the many gulmohar trees, laden with beautiful bright red flowers and tender green leaves, in full bloom inspite of this scorching summer heat!!! Seriously a soothing sight for the sore eyes..😎

The Gulmohar Tree🌳

As I passed by my house,
I saw the fiery red spout..
Behold the blooming Gulmohar tree,
With bright red flowers and leaves soo green..
The road looked royal,
with flowers strewn by..
I dared not tread, lest I destroy..
The beautiful flowers fallen down,
Embers of coal on the ground..
A carpet of finesse and velvety look,
Filling up every crevice and nook..
As the leaves glisten in
the bright red sun,
Do stop and take a look,
for the gulmohar is in full bloom..🦋

Have a great week ahead everyone🤗