Hey everyone🙋

It’s mothers day👩
Wishes pouring in to Mom’s all over the world..and me… Well an emptiness prevails.
It’s been 18 years.. Not a day goes by without me missing my Mummy.
I still remember, as a girl in her early teens, me, cycling off to the flower shops nearby the Infant jesus church in Bangalore, picking up a bunch of chrysanthemums, to wish my mom, a very very happy mothers day and the scene would be repeated every year on her birthday.😊
The million times I fought with her and the trillion times I made up with her.
Mornings was war, clash of the titans, what with my mother running after me with a comb in one hand and a glass of milk in the other and me running away.😝
Finally she would win, ending in me gulping away the milk..😣
Scoldings would follow which was an everyday affair..🙈
“You are late today!! why do you spend so much time in front of the mirror??”
And me Nee, would make up my mind not to talk to my mom from that minute on only to be broken in a few hours span.
Scene change, come evening and the first thing I would do after coming back from school/ tuitions would be to run and hug my mom and tell her about my day as if nothing had happened,forgetting the staunch resolutions I had made in the morning, much to my dads amusement!!

I would lovingly burry my face into mummy’s tum tum and blow, tickling her and feeling all so secure..
The most safe and relaxing place in the world, my mother’s arms..

We would then go off to the temple, specially on Monday evenings followed by veggie shopping which was a fixed routine..

She would always buy me Uddina vadas ( fritters made from Urad dal) which I would gorge on with amazing homemade chutney powders/ mint chutneys, sprawled on the carpet, watching TV , with my German shepherd Rambo, by my side,who would have a literal puppy face, looking longingly at me in case I change my mind and give him a bite..
Those were the the tension/ stress free days..

Mummy would make the most amazing Methi pappu(Fenugreek daal),with yummy dried fish and Papad, she would( literally) run after me again ensuring I finish my dinner, which I had to😕 watching Malgudi days on Sony tv..
My homework all having been completed, I would laze next to mummy and watch Om Namah Shivay on Doordarshan, a serial about Lord Shiva, my childish mind completely engrossed on how Sati became Durga and hearing my mum telling me the qualities of the handsome Lord Shiva, following which she would tuck a sleepy me to bed, I would drift away without a worry in the world!!
All Tension and thoughts taken care of by my mom and the routine would begin again next day, right from waking me up to making me do my maths sums to getting me milk and ironing my school uniform, Mummy would do it all, come rain or sun, in good health or bad, Little nee was taken care off without a worry in the world.

Ahh how I wish for those days to come back again..How I wish to lie in my mummy’s arms again and be my old little self.
Mummy daddy’s little girl..
Please come back dear time, Come back for once..
So that I can relish and relive the memories again..

Psst: My mum passed away when I was 15 years old…a bad case of stage 3 breast cancer,having fought the battle for nearly 3 years..a post on that some day in the future maybe..

Ahh not wanting it to sound tooo depressing, I am celebrating mother’s day again thanks to my lil Rhea…a bundle of energy and joy…reliving the moments with her…

Have a great week ahead everyone..😊🤗