Hey everyone..😧
This post should have been titled Being upset..πŸ™Ž

An 8 year old MUSLIM girl ASIFA was abducted..drugged..gang raped for days before being killed and all this happened inside a temple.!!!


It is so heart wrenching to hear such stories and ashamed that it’s happening in my country..
What is worse is since the little girl was a Muslim, when they arrested the criminals, the Hindu groups protested and rallied to save the rapists!!! Such a shame!!!
Did the Hindu god or the muslim god save the child??noo… the child was raped in a temple, what I am really horrified is at the behaviour of our country men, finally our PM Modi spoke up about this issue..
I wish they punish the bloody rapists with severe sentences..Death!!!
They have no rights to live either outside or in jail after robbing an innocent child of her life..
People may rally and protest, carry out marches as much as they want but that little girls life is gone.!!
She will not come back come what may and the perverts, the many rapists, roaming freely out there will always escape..
I am soo ashamed and what makes it worse is I have a daughter and I worry for her future and safety cause no place is safe for children today (be it boy or a girl) except a mother’s womb!!

Once in a while a sensational story like this crops up and long before it is forgotten similar incidences occur yet again..Will this ever stop??!!Only time will tell..until then as mother’s to little girls and boys I feel it’s our duty to teach our babies from an early age so that they are safe from such predators..no place is safe for them anymore!!😒

May that little girl Asifa be at peace atleast now!!😟