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Hey EveryoneπŸ™‹

Happy women’s day!!!

So I woke up today to find the phone filled with forwards and statements about women power and roses, rights and blah blah blah πŸ™„

Did anything change?? For me or for you?? We were working and slogging yesterday, we will work today and tomorrow too..the story continues day after day..

No the grapes aren’t sour..just being practical…😜

Here is a forward I received,

Happy Women’s Day! But, are there any Happy Women somewhere? Where do the Sad Women go?

When I wished her Happy Women’s Day,
She said: “Why I am not included?
If Happy Women can have to themselves a day,
Why are sad ones like me excluded?”

“Shouldn’t it be just Women’s Day,
Whether they are happy or sad?
I have just this little something to say,
Women’s Day be for all, good or bad.”

I looked at her strange reasoning,
Ability to convert into argument everything;
And then I thought, without seasoning,
What flat taste a salad would bring?

So I bowed to her from below not above,
My dark cloud lined with a silver ray;
And I said, “You are right here too, love,
Have your kind of Women’s Day”!

Pssst: Things to do..Give some extra money to your maid and let her also enjoy women’s day.

Go pamper yourself in the parlour or shop shop cause it’s a day to splurge.😈

So enjoy and bask in the wishes that come in today .. cheers to all the women out there..🍻🍻🍻