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The Leaning temple

The Leaning temple


So after a view of the Ghats,while boating around in the river just adjacent to Manikarnika Ghat ( The Burning Ghat) I came upon a temple half submerged in the water..It is the Ratneshwar Mahadev temple popularly called as The Leaning Temple..

This temple is among the iconic structures of Varanasi!!

It’s like tilted!!

The temple is also popularly known as β€˜Kashi Karvat’ due to the tilt/leaning.. β€˜Karvat’ is a Hindi word that means leaning..
Only when  the water levels decrease in summer it’s said that the entire temple can be seen..

The mystery of this temple is that no puja has ever been done here and there is an interesting story to it..(as told to me by the boatman)
Long ago…

The temple was built by a king named Man Singh for his mother β€˜Ratna Bai’ as repayment for everything his mother had done for him.
He came to Kashi and made this Shiv Parvathi temple..

He then took back a drawing and showed her and told her “I have repayed back your debt!!” for giving him birth and bringing him up ( In hindi they say ..Doodh ka karz chukana) the mom was so upset in hearing that, Cause no one can ever repay a mom’s love and her sacrifices!!

So…She cursed the temple saying nothing could repay what a mother does for her children!!

Due the curse, the temple leaned to eventually sink.
She told him to go back and see the temple, just about that time the Temple tilted..

It has never sunk completely or ever rose fully again..

It is always submerged and no puja was ever done here again and no one prays there either..
Whoaaa I was spellbound listening to this!!

My first memory of this temple was in a music video..if you up for some music and a glimpse of Benares here it is..


So,when I visited Benares for the first time,on reaching the Ghats I asked my husband where is that structure from where children jump into the Ganges for a swim and when he showed me this temple I was like whoaaa,same to same !!!πŸ˜›

Truly at Benares, the mystic city, it is like a treasure of tales and learning, every monument, temple, ghats have their own stories of evolution..

Wait up for the famous Ganga Arti in the next post!!

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