​Exploring the Ghats via boat ride..

Hey everyone..🙋





So after visiting the famous Kashi Vishwanath temple we set off to the river Ganges, for a boat ride and the famous Ganga arti..

So off we went, with me clicking away pictures as I did not want to miss out on any memories..

( Note to those who wish to visit Benares ..if you  have a tight schedule..complete the darshan in the morning and then about 4 or 5 p.m go  for a boat  ride depending on the weather)

So we always start off at Dashashwamedh ghat…

At Dashashwamedh Ghat

So I saw the place decked up for the Ganga Arti..which is normally held at 7 .p.m everyday..

Decked up for the Ganga arti

We hired a boat, This was my second boat ride on the Ganges..Had a similar routine when I had visited this place 3 years back..

We payed to have the entire boat to ourselves and off we went about boating and exploring the Ghats..

I put my hand into the water to feel the Ganga..The most famous of all rivers in India!!You can say the mother river!! The most sacred one..!!!

That’s me Nee!! Enjoying away😁

So it’s like you go towards one side of the river along the Ghats and turn around and come in a ‘U’  turn fashion facing the Ghats..

Off we go along the Ghats😊

Opposite side of the ghats ..an island kind…

An Aghori Baba or a sanyasi bathed in Ash???

Why should humans have all the fun?!! #beating the summer heat

Sadly, I heard the Ganges is receding..Once upon a time apparently it was over flowing and was sparkling and clean, now with pollution and waste being dumped, it is sad to see such a mighty river running dry and dirty..

Measures are on by the government to clean the Ganges..

Until about a few years ago,as told by my husband who is a native of Benares, that as a child, they used to see river dolphins in the Ganges..now that’s new to me!!!

Oh! how I would have loved  to see  one..😪

I feel bad about the state of this mighty river..What can be done about it..?? I did my part by not dumping any flowers or candles that were being sold..

I collected a bottle of the Ganga water mid stream to be taken back to my home..( as I told you Ganga water is like all soo auspicious for hindus..)

Benares has soo many interesting tales so more about the ghats in the next post..Until then have a great week ahead. 💕💕💕