​Hello everyoneπŸ™‹

The first β˜€Sunday of the year and welcome to my Sunday Gyaans [Sanskrit word for wisdom…(for all the new readers)]

He he he I am just kidding..😜
( Reposting this with few changes)
Wishing  you all a very Happy Happy New Year..πŸ’žπŸ«πŸ­πŸ¬

It’s the new year bingooo…

Greetings being exchanged and resolutions made.. So what if only to be broken later πŸ˜›
Happy people everywhere, smiles and hopes of a blissful year ahead..

All said and done, what does the new year signify???
It’s the same You and the same Me, with just a dash of hope of things being better, the same work place, the same household chores, the same routine but just another year of holidays filled calendar!!

Anything changing?? Nope!! It’s just the outlook.
Year by year we grow old, get more wise and mature, things change, situations change, so then what does the new years passing by signify?!!

Do make a wish, dream a dream , think of something new, it’s just a mental thought,  it’s “The New Year ”  heralding an ocean of possibilities and hopes and dreams..πŸ’­

Let us start by trying to make a change in our lifestyle, like they say little drops of water make a mighty ocean!!
Little by little let us improvise on our lifestyle, do things you always wanted to do..
Say for example..(now here I go onnnnn…πŸ˜›)

1.If not owning a dog, adopt a dog on the street, maybe by a small act of sharing a biscuit with it, feed the little birdies perched on your window sill and watch them fly back with high hopes of finding grains left by you every morning, doesn’t that make you happy??? 🐾

2.All of us are busy in our lives but just make some time to watch a plant grow, from a seedling, the way it unfurls, as tiny leaves emerge from within or even better watch a flower bloom. 🌷

3.How about cultivating a new hobby or just walk around your neighbour hood block,  pass a friendly smile to the  people on your morning walks..πŸ‘£

4.Call your parents /grandparents and tell them about your work, even if they don’t understand the very fact you called them will make them happy..πŸ“ž

5.Pen a song, let ur heart dance, read that book you always wanted to, clean your wardrobe and give away to the lesser privileged (they will remember you in the long winter evenings forever) 🎁

6.Give your spouse /kids a hug, tell your parents you love them…give them your time..⏳

7. Give an extra tip to the maid, smile at the watchman who opens the gate for you everyday, greet the sweeper who makes sure your chamber is clean, call a friend and chat away about old times, be super active, gossip around (it keeps your neuronal network active) πŸ”‹

8.Go shopping and remember to buy something for the maids children..🍫🍬🍭

9.Give away the extra sweetmeats you wouldn’t want… it will make some one happy..🍴🍑

10. Say a ” Thank You ” irrespective of whether you are served a cup of tea at the restaurant/tea stall or to the vendor who packs your veggies and fruits, it will make their day more than the tips you offer..πŸ’—

Easy to tell/type but not so difficult to adopt right , try one thing at a time and see the difference it makes in your life, you will be the gainer at the end and you will be remembered for, if not by the big shots and important people but in the hearts ranging from that of a little stray dog 🐢 to the hearts of strangers..πŸ‘±

Ooppzz sorry friends if this sounded  like some heavy duty Gyaan stuff but had to share my thoughts..Who knows , it might just make a difference to someone..
An act of kindness goes a long way..

So have a cheerful and a blessed year ahead…β˜ΊπŸ‘’

Until next time, keep up the spirits and share away..πŸ’Œ