Hey everyone..πŸ™‹

It’s been a long long time and I have been long long gone..πŸ™ˆ

We welcomed our little Pumpkin..

A baby girl this october..πŸ‘Ά

So  been busy with the little one..

Motherhood can sure be tasking and I am learning that..😧

Writing this post at 4 in the morning, post a feeding session,where my little pumpkin pie refuses to sleep in her cradle and needs mummas lap to sleep in..I couldn’t resist sharing my thoughts..πŸ˜ƒ

Many a times the urge to write πŸ“creeped in but thanks to sleepless nights, the little energy I have is used up in work which m slowly learning..To be a MOMπŸ‘©βž‘πŸ‘Ά

I wonder if now on my posts will be related on me being a new mom..or about my daughter..or reminiscing the long bygone days of being a carefree girl with no tiny human clinging to me and needing me all time..

Now that’s for another day..
As of now, Thanks to friends like M..(Tingle ur taste buds), Pri( That mishmash) and Garfield hugs, the lovely friends I have made in this blogging world,who kept me motivated throughout and were always in touch with me,  m tempted to post again..😬

Everytime I hear a ping or see a  WP notification, I am soooo wanting to log in and read or post, but given the sleepless nights, all I wanto do is sleep, sleep and sleep in the little time when my bumble bee is asleep..πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

Hope to keep posting..

Until then,here’s to a beginning of a new chapter..🍻