Hey everyone🙋

Happy Sunday..🌞

A quick post today..

Mc Australia season 8 comes to  an end this week..(here in India the telecast is approximately a month behind )

I already know who the winner is and  I feel sorry cause I really wanted Matt sinclair to win..ahhhh still it was yet another lovely season..

Every time the season draws to an end..I feel sad..It’s like I want to know where the contestants are and what are they upto..about Matt..oohhh i have already told the better half, when we visit Australia, I wanto dine at his restaurant/food truck.. Apparently Matt is opening /opened up a eatery called “Ten piece cutlery”..ooooohh..lucky Australians, I really want to taste Matt’s cooking..

This season was more fun as the better half also got glued to it..tee hee hee..

So the next season of Mc USA is starting up..back to the terror chef Gordon Ramsay🙈🙈

Let’s see how much of it I am  able to follow…until next season it’s a tearful  goodbye to the 3 awesome Australian judges..and gonna miss watching Brett, Matt, Charlie, Elise, Mimi and Harry cook..

The contestants

Pssst: A funny thing..the judges ensure and taste the contestants food sooo precisely and when it comes to the master class, I find Matt Preston ( the judge)making a burger in one and a toast in another which I find is sooo ironic and funny, of course I know he isn’t a chef but still..

So while I continue to miss this season😔, here’s wishing all a happy week ahead..💞💞💞