Hey everyone …🙋

First of all here’s wishing everyone, all my Indian friends here and abroad a very very  happy Independence day.
As India celebrates it’s 70th year of Independence, no new thoughts from me..

The same problems and doubts linger on so reposting my old  post here again..
Now of course I love my country!!I am a mixed South Indian and proud of my roots..

Yes the West does appeal to me, Whenever I watch “The English movies” (that’s how we call  Hollywood)

I sometimes wish and think how things would have been if I were an Indian born and brought up abroad but nope I loveeeeeee being a Southy  (that’s how we are referred too)

Coming to a bit more serious topic..

What is true Independence to you?? This question applies to all my reader friends from all Nations across the world.
For me personally, growing up in an open minded family (most Indian families are orthodox so) being treated equally, in fact being given more importance and attention than my brother as I am the younger one, so more pampering ensured, I never had an area where  I felt  I was confined and restrained.
I was brought up totally independent, always was and I am still.

So my views on true meaning of independence is different..
For me, today, being independent means being able to come back home at 10 p.m without having to worry about being a GIRL out at NIGHT.

Being able to wear what I want.. Even today we have  people staring at you when you wear a frock or a skirt, Being able to dress freely without having to worry about being gaped at or have men oggling at you, be it the malls or the  movies.

Being able to wear what I want without having to worry about covering up my arms or butt.

Being able to go for my walks on the roads without worrying about it being safe or not!

Not having to carry a pocket knife every time I go out alone in the evenings..

Even in today’s modern day, there are companies and workplaces who look down upon pregnant women or women who have taken maternity leave or planning for one. It’s like as if  they have committed a crime being pregnant..

I have had my boss scream at me (even before I was married) telling us, “You girls are so useless, you come here only to get pregnant!! ” Just imagine his audacity.. ( He is one of the top surgeons in India, an educated doc who has two children.. Just cause his wife did not have to take leave doesn’t mean we all are privileged that way.. We need  to study, work and make babies too)

I have had many friends go  through hell when they were pregnant, As the bosses and other staff either bitch about them or act too sympathetic in front of them.

Why do they forget, It’s a physiological  phenomenon not a contagious disease or a sin!!

I have friends who tell me its totally different in the West, Pregnant woman are treated  with so much more respect..

I definitely would want a change in this aspect, that’s when the true feeling of being free will seep in for me.

Being independent means the willingness to board a cab/taxi or an auto without having to call your parents and family and Inform the vehicle number, without having to keep an eye on the driver (so many cases of rape have taken place this way,  so better to be cautious than sorry)

Being independent would mean not having to worry and live in a constant fear about your friend’s little daughters safety, the constant fear of hearing little girls being molested and raped in a sacred institution like school..

The true essence of feeling  independent would be when I don’t have to expect a rude abusive answer or a harried look from the bus conductor when I ask for my return change for the ticket I have purchased or have an argument with the auto driver over the excess fare he demands.

This is the Independent world we live in..
I do love my country, Pardon me if I am sounding toooo patriotic but yes indeed I feel blessed to be born here but everything comes with it’s own drawbacks and these are  just a few of my rants at what being truly Independent means to me..

What does true Independence  mean to you??Do share in your views..