Hey everyone..πŸ™‹

A Happy Sunday and Happy Friendship Day..πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬

A quick post..

I have no clue how this day came into existence..too taxing to Google about it now..πŸ˜ͺ
I HAD a best friend Β of whom I was soooo proud and sure off..very rarely do you see childhood friendship’s blossoming and sticking around till you are thirty..

I thought mine was the perfect friendship..

A kind of Ice cream with Hershey’s syrup blend but unfortunately Β due to certain events the so called bestie stopped talking..πŸ˜’

This wasn’t the first time and so I had given up hope of rekindling our friendship..⚑

Had been doing that since ages without realising that it was futile..

We have heard of one sided love..ever heard of one sided friendships??Mine was such..

I kept giving and the other receiving..

Finally I had to sit back and think about it..

Enough was enough..

I have my personal life too, couldn’t put up with my friend’s constant needs and cribbings and mood offs..😟

Yet I tried to patch up, as I believe people dont change..It’s time and circumstances which force one to do the things they do..
Chance after chance yet no sign of truthfullness from the other end and I decided it was time to let go and move on..

It isn’t that I have shortage of besties but you kind of feel connected to that one person who knows you since childhood..

Right now I am Β proud to say I have found loving trustworthy and amazing friends, who I can turn to for anything and everything but yet a feeling of void prevails where that one person you trusted, betrayed you..
Anyways, so here I am today without my bestie..my soul sister (weird)..πŸ˜”
Yet I am happy happy and asked my better half as a joke would you be my best friend this year..which had him in splits and taunting me saying “Yeah right..!!” 😀

So as of now, My better half is my best best bestie this year followed by my dad and granny..so what more could I ask for..πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

A Β note here..πŸ“

Just wanted to wish my Β lovely bloggers friends who make my days happy happy with their posts and though I don’t post frequently, they take time off to read and comment on mine..πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

When I was at the lowest, I found solace in reading their Β comments and posts..It cheered me up..

I found a whole new world of friends I hadn’t ever met yet could connect to them..🎈

So thanks you guys- Garfield hugs..That mish mash(Pri).. Tingle ur taste buds (M)..Mr.Tookles (M)..Blong shong..Freda.. (sorry if I am unable to name all..)

Everyone here is sooo very special so thanks guys for being such wonderful friends in the blogging world..πŸ’

Have a happy week ahead guys..πŸ’•πŸ’•