My Little Poppy Seed #1

My Little Poppy Seed #2

My Little Poppy Seed #3

My Little Poppy Seed #4

I am overwhelmed by the kind responses of my friends here..

We see women suffering from miscarriages but never openly talk about it..hence the need to write these posts..

I wonder why??Right from the time of conception to the scans till the delivery it’s a hushed up secret affair, atleast here in India, where peope believe it’s inauspicious to reveal it to outsiders..

Here was the story of a woman who suffered similarly and went through the painful process Β silently and alone, who post surgery was told by people to stop over reacting as it was just an embryo.. cause, “IT”Β did not even have a heart beat..(That was sooo mean😑 )

The loss of a child is only known to a mother..Be it an embryo or a grown up adult..

She was ecstatic when she discovered she was pregnant again..

7 months down the lane, saw her recovering and not loosing hope..

Now all happy and on the way to becoming a mommy again..

6 months preggo with her new Pumpkin, yet she hasn’t been able to forget her little poppy seed..

A year since the surgery, so the need to tell the story to let the little one know He/She will never be forgotten..

Happy smiles and huggz to the new mommy to be..πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž