My Little Poppy Seed #1

My Little Poppy Seed #2

My Little Poppy Seed #3

She opened her eyes,drowsily,  to find her family standing beside her hospital bed..

She felt a sharp piercing pain radiating through her abdomen..

Groggy eyed and heavily sedated, the pain was still unbearable..

She called out  to the attending nurse for some pain killers, but her voice was hardly audible.. 

She went back into a deep slumber..

Lying in her hospital recovery room she was wide awake now..

It had taken her nearly 2 hours to come to her senses post surgery..

She felt the pain.. This pain was nothing compared to the emotional pain she had just endured..

The pain of loosing her poppy seed.. She felt  her abdomen..Though just a couple of months pregnant  and  not yet showing she could still sense a feeling of being void..

She could not even cry out loud as she was surrounded by her family members..

She did not wanto hurt them.. She had picturised herself being surrounded by them post her delivery when all would have come to visit her and see her new born poppy seed..

And now nothing was left.. She just remembered  being wheeled into the surgery and injected and she was out, her poppy seed was gone..

Gone forever..