My Little Poppy seed #1

My Little Poppy seed #2

She set out positively for her scan after a week and half, hoping the medicines had helped, hoping her poppy seed had developed more by now..

At 9 weeks.. She had the terrible symptoms of morning sickness in full flow .. But she hadn’t lost hope.. She would stay positive for her poppy seed she thought..

Yet again the scanning procedure was to follow.. She lay down hopefully and waited calmly..

The radiologist was quiet  again.. 1-2-3 minutes and she waited unable to move or breathe.. Finally the doc spoke up..

“I am sorry.. There is no heartbeat yet and the foetus has not grown..”

He turned the monitor to show her the image.. She could just see the gestational  sac enclosing the embryo which she felt had grown beyond the previous size and yet no heartbeat!! ?? She felt her world collapse..

So shattered..

She just held her breath and could not help the tears flowing down her cheeks..

Her poppy seed hadn’t grown over the past 10days!!

No it couldn’t be so..She had imagined to see her poppy seed with a tiny  heart, beating rapidly..

This could not be true..

The doc was kind to her and let her recover from her shock.. She dressed in a daze and was seated quietly in the waiting room, awaiting the reports..
When they did come she glanced at it, it was gut wrenching..

The report!!!That line!! “Suggestive of intrauterine  embryonic demise!!!”

She felt so miserable reading it.. Her poppy seed was dead..plain and simple dead!!

She bust out crying.. How could the little one give up.. She hadn’t given up yet.. Flashes of thoughts passed by..

The time she took out the the kit..

The two pink lines..

The first scan..

The embryo growing into a foetus..And now all  was gone..

Nothing left to love or talk too..  She did not know the reason..the cause!!

It was a case of plain simple Missed miscarriage..

She had to rush home.. Yes she had to.. This wasn’t true she felt..

The following week saw her having a series of consultation with her doc and finding no hope left and the only option being surgery or what’s called in medical terms as DnC ( Dilatation and Curettage)..