My Little Poppy seed #1

A month had elapsed since  the test..She was already experiencing severe bouts of morning sickness..
The sight or smell of food was just unbearable.. Not to forget the constant  bouts of vomiting..
She was drained and stressed..

Every morning was a terror..
She had read about first trimester miscarriages being common, constantly looking out for any spotting and being releived on finding none..

She had her first  gynac visit and her first scan and all that could be seen was a small gestational sac,  followed by the routine blood tests..

Every day was spent in talking to her little embryo which by now  must have grown to the size of a poppy seed..

She knew it was too early for the embryo to sense anything but yet she was so excited she couldn’t stop talking to the new life within her..

She had planned her future.. All her unanswered  questions had vanished..

She suddenly felt mature.. Was it the poppy seed or the hormones raging through her?!

She had to constantly remind herself that she was going to have a baby, so a lifestyle change had to set in..

7 weeks and she went for her second scan.. She hoped and prayed  to God for everything to be alright..

7 weeks!! The time the embryo sets about having an heartbeat.. One of the first things to occur.. The beauty of nature and human development..

She lay on the examination couch, the radiologist went ahead with the initial detailing, history and questions..

She waited with baited breath..2-3-4 minutes the time seemed to move at a snails pace..
The radiologist turned the monitor towards her and said there is your baby.. It’s about 5.7mm in size but and she stopped there..
Her heart was racing.. But what..She asked  the doc to speak up.. But what??!! She was almost on the verge of tears..
The radiologist spoke.. “But NO HEART BEAT yet.. Maybe a missed miscarriage!!”
A missed what?? She thought.. No this could not be true.. Why her?? Why only her?? No her baby will have a heartbeat she thought..


It was too early and she had read of foetuses developing a  heartbeat at 9 and 10 weeks also..
She would not give up hope.. She would stay positive she thought and dressed up..
She was eventually put on medications to help sustain her pregnancy and was asked to review a week later..
She had not lost hope.. She looked at the scan everyday and told her little poppy seed, as she had grown to call the foetus inside her..
“You will have a heartbeat baby, very soon you will.. you have too..”
Thus she kept assuring herself and her little poppy seed..