Hey everyone…🙋


My posts have always been me, trying to share Gyaans and random talks but today I would like to share a 4 part series, written from the heart..✍

A topic which sadly no one talks about, when it is most essential for a woman to speak up and share..😔
So here is one post a day, in succession..💌
( Something which I haven’t done before )
Written about a year ago..I finally felt like posting it..so do read along..

She looked out of the window..
Peeping through to absorb the little morning rays which were just emerging..


She hadn’t slept the whole night..
The constant thought kept troubling her..
What would it be?? Is it too soon?? Will she be able to deal with it?? How would HE react?? Will she be able to manage things??The constant thought kept her up the whole night..

She woke up hurriedly and couldn’t wait to test..
She walked by to the refrigerator where her kit was kept since a month..
She quietly  picked it up..
Not wanting to disturb her sleeping husband, that’s when she saw the morning rays and stood staring into the horizon, lost in thought..

The alarm clock brought her back to the present and to the task that lay ahead..
She hesitantly walked up to the  bathroom and pulled out the strip.. Put in the drops as advised and not wanting to know the outcome more out of fear, she carried on with her morning activities..

After having finished her kitchen chores and hastily gulping down her morning tea, she walked back hesitantly to the bathroom..
The  instructions had said 5 minutes, Here more than half an hour had elapsed..

She walked slowly, hopeful yet fearfully..Pushed aside the bath door and stared at the sink where the testing strip was placed..
Was it true??!!
She could not believe her eyes..It indeed was!! Staring back at her were two dark pink lines!!


She just stopped short of swooning..She could not believe her eyes..
Finally her dream came true..

She was pregnant!!! For the first time!! She was soo ecstatic!!

She rushed to her sleeping husband, woke him up and told him the good news..
Both hugged and their happiness knew no bounds..
It seemed like all the unanswered  questions just vanished..

She went back and looked at the strip.. She just could not believe what she was seeing..

A first time for her, so she was overjoyed..
Unable to believe what was happening, She repeated the test again the next day and same two dark pink lines were found..
She indeed was pregnant!!

She spread her hand over her tummy and spoke to the little developing  embryo..
“Welcome to the world little one..!!”