Hello everyone..🙋

Breaking the norms of my weekly posts, I am typing away this one..📝

It’s weird how sometimes you don’t have anything to talk about 😶 and at times you are just overflowing with ideas and thoughts and want to share them with your reader friends..💬💬
I couldn’t wait till Sunday so here I gooooo..

So apart from MC Australia Nee and TVee#1 , I am glued to the idiot box on most days when that’s like the only time pass I have..
Picking up a novel, I can’t resist till I finish it!! So alternatively just watching TV helps you relax..💆

Though the mind is else where you just keep channel flipping and enjoy it too..don’t you agree??!!
So here’s few more or my favourite programmes…💁

👁👁Bigg Boss ( India has it’s  own version of Big Brother, though not soo controversial ) this is one of the few reality shows I am hooked onto and make sure I dont miss it especially cause of it’s host Salman Khan,who grills the contestants every weekend.. Cheap thrills for me ???Definitely yesss😛

🗿🗿Another show I used to  watch with curiosity is my 600lbs  life..


I am  not demeaning anyone here but always wonder how do people let themselves go all the way up to 600 lbs!!!😱

Being a doc this curiosity always creeps in..always…and  then watching their struggle is sad..maintaining a  healthy life style gets soo essential..

🐧🐧Anyone up for Penguins of Madagascar??!!


Oh I soo very love Mort..His cute antics has me glued to the cartoon channel just to watch him…King Julien and all the 4 penguins..


Talking of cartoons I discovered this new one called Octonauts!!!
Wheeee m back to my childhood days I feel..

👨👨 I got glued to House MD during my post grad days and man I couldn’t get enuf of the house series..back to back I ended up  watching all the seasons..


I used to imagine being an intern working under House..bam bam whack…yikes..😨😰

I would have been given a name like 14 15..and would be whacked in and out..⚒
For those who watch House you know what I mean..
So basically even today I  really love love love love watching House repeats..

💞💞On the home front there is the new series called Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi..the lead actors look cute so that’s what got me hooked to it..


And I have soo many TV series I enjoy watching..few of which are Akbar birbal  currently aired on  Big Magic..
Yam Kisi se  kam nahi and Siyasat on Epic..

🐙Wildlife on discovery and Nat Geo..so before the  list gets endless..I better stop here..

So that’s a bit about the programmes.. I am  sure many of you would have similar likes..
Once in a while a nice feel good movie is always a welcome change..like recently I was watching this movie called Blended..felt good..

My all time favourites Lord of the rings, 💍Harry potter⚡ and Hobbit 🐉 which surprisingly in India HBO keep airing again and again..

Anyone up for the Hot chick???🔥🐥trust me..that’s one movie I never tire of watching ..😝😝


Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider and I am hooked onto any movie of theirs..

Now I can go on and on about the movies so I better issshhttoopp here..

Have a good,  stress free work week ahead everyone..🍭🍭
May the weekend arrive soon for you

Until next time  I am busy thinking what’s gonna be my next topic 🙈🙈🙈😉