Happy April EveryoneπŸ™‹

Today post is soo Meeee…Nee…so wickedddd😈😈😈

I love it when people give back instead of sitting and cribbing about it..πŸ™…
(Soo very evil 😈 of me I know but that’s how you survive in today’s world..)
Right now my wickedness is over flowing and Oh! the things I could do to one particular person who I better not name who might just end up reading or re reading this post someday (m oh so hoping they won’t )πŸ˜ͺ

I can actually write numerous posts about a particular topic πŸ“ involving that person, the ONE  😎who should not be named..ahh my favourite Lord Voldemort!!
..Let’s call him/her that …( It’s supposed to be a secret )

Just imagine I can’t even rant my true feelings on my blog, so sad of me!!πŸ˜ͺ

In short I hate fake.. πŸ˜–
Fake people..fake love.. Fake promises..
Most importantly fake display of affection..
If you don’t mean it don’t do it..🚫
I find some people spending their whole lives trying to beΒ  goody two shoes and faking away almost everything..


False praising..false display of feelings and what I call as pseudo affection..Ughhh…

In trying to be fake they loose theirΒ  real personality and live in a false make believe world..πŸ’­


I know my rantings are nothing new, I am just stating what everyone already knows..
(Sorry if I sound mean ..m just grrrrr πŸ‘Ώ) But it’s my blog na ( self assuring πŸ˜ͺ)Β  I can atleast rant superficially na, so here I am wishing I had a gun..πŸ”« withΒ  pellets ( not real bullets) just to give a mosquito bite kind of a pain to that person every time they act fake..πŸ˜›


I mean tell me what do you get by acting superficial ??
Do such people ever – ever have genuine feelings for anything or anyone??
I mean it’s OK you act in front of stranger’s or your boss or someone who’s like a distant person but doing it with your own friends or family just sounds sooo veryΒ  ridiculous to me..


Anyway I am on the revenge mode..πŸ™‡
Struggle for existence is what it is..
A story in the next post is equally yummy and vengeful.. πŸ‘

Have a good Saturday all..πŸ˜‰
While I plot away..😈