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Happy Sunday and happy Valentine’s day..💞
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OK I made peace with stupid cupid and hence I agreed to float away in a sea of hearty balloons 🎈🎈like everyone else today..

Today’s post is about Lovveee.. ❤
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OK just reposting an old one..which needs everyone’s attention so please do make some time to go through it..

It might sound like one typical South Indian movie but m sure my Southy friends will relate to it and of course it has my favourite eye tonic Madhavan in pics so that calls for more attention..

So put yourself in their shoes so you can feel it…
Let’s go..

Most of the love stories do happen in temples…so here is…Love at the Temple


He came quietly and peeped through the window to see if I was looking back at him. I turned my face knowing he would catch me looking at His direction. Ohh..The feeling in my heart, the churning in my tummy, the excitement of being waited for!!
The queue started to move.
I kept walking as if I was totally unaware of His presence, with a little glance at his end, a peek a boo kind of a play.
I reached the main shrine and it would not be fair on my part to not carry out what I had come to the temple for.I closed my eyes and prayed to the presiding deity, prayed hard and voiced my thoughts to GOD, that I was confused and HE knows best what is to be done and so, HE will do it for me. I opened my eyes and took the prasadam and vibhuti and turned around and bumped right into Him. Ohh…our eyes met and I was just too stunned to say anything. I mumbled a feeble “Oops! I am sorry!” He just smiled and said “It’s ok”.


I could feel his eyes on my face, which I was sure was more enhanced and made prettier by the vibhuti and kum kum, which made me look more south Indian, a contrast to my everyday western clothing. I could feel my jhumkas move when I kept looking up and sides for a way to move ahead.
He stopped me and said “What a surprise to see you here in Saree and all!!” (Yeah like He didn’t know I was here just to catch a glimpse of him and of course to visit my favourite God too..duh huh…)
I mumbled a “It’s a holiday so just thought I would visit the temple” and gave Him a sheepish smile, knowing very well He knew why I was there and simultaneously thinking how my nut crack friends would laugh when I would recite this incident and the conversation to them.
My heart beats increased their rhythm and pace and I was telling myself to shut up and to stay calm and  poised and to flash a smile (which I knew I had the  best..God I could feel the tension between us, a kind of an unknown excitement, I moved aside and He went to take the aarti and came back looking for me.
I had moved on to the next shrine and He came running and stood right next to me. (OMG!! it was an amazing feel to have Him right next to me, just like a couple would.)
I concentrated hard on praying and pleaded with god why is this guy here and I turned to see Him looking at me, I managed to fake a smile and we took the aarti and headed together over to the navagrahas. He stood there while I went onto complete my rounds of the deities. I could feel His eyes on me, I was happy yet scared yet confused.I made three quick rounds while mentally saying a prayer to the lord and wondering what was GOD upto and what is He planning on.
I came and stood next to Him and then we looked at each other again, Oh God! Not again, that all knowing look He gives always!!
He mumbled “Let’s sit there!” pointing to a shady place facing the shrine, with less crowd around.


I just loved the temple feel, on a nice lazy Saturday mid morning, with devotees everywhere and my eye tonic right here next to me!!
I adjusted my Saree and sat down and whooohooo…He sat down right beside me!!
We just looked at each other with no words to say, not knowing what to say. He offered to break the prasadam coconut for me and we munched on silently yet with tension brewing between us, that’s when He looked up again and I could feel his eyes on my face and yet again He asked me how come I was there, maybe still unable to believe that I was very much there and seated right next to Him. I gave a slight laugh and again had to repeat that I was free so came over.
He smiled knowingly.
Oh God!! Why couldn’t I just disappear!
I was slowly enjoying his company, the lovely temple atmosphere was adding to the happiness.
He suddenly looked away and said “You look good in saree!!” for which I  mumbled a crazy “Thank you” and He  went on about how the South Indian look suited me with pretty jhumkas, to all of which I could just say thank you’s fumbling like an idiot! And then He said, looking straight at me “I guess I am falling in love with you.”
I was speechless!!!!!
My heart was doing a 360* somersault and pumping away fast and I was internally jumping up and down with joy but I had to stay calm and very composed.
I just looked at Him and  OMG!! Those eyes!! They seemed to understand and know me sooo very well like they have know me for an eternity, a kind of understanding between us. Now I knew what people meant by talking through eyes and  all those endless songs dedicated to understanding by eyes.
An unspoken silence prevailed and yet our eyes were doing all the major talkings. I just quickly looked away and He asked me “What about you?”
I didn’t know what to say!!
How could I tell Him that the feeling was mutual!! How could I tell Him my heart was doing a Sheila ki jawani inside me or a Hrithiks jhingalala act !
Oh god act decent I told myself!!
I looked at Him and again I would have fainted and drowned into those button like eyes of His.
He smiled and asked me what I was thinking. He wouldn’t have ever imagined the tribal dance going on in my mind, He would have been stunned!! I fumbled an “Uhhhhmmmmm…. it’s too early to comment, you hardly even know me.”
He said “I know all I have to know about you and that is enough for me to spend my life with you” and He just kept looking at me.
I was speechless and turned my eyes away and asked myself whether I should give it a try.
All the past kept flashing in front of me, whatever was happening was happening too fast. Yessss! I did like Him but I was still confused, my heart says one thing, my mind contradicts that, what do I do?? I just gathered enough courage to reply
” I like u too, but love I don’t know, we need time to get to know each other, let us just take some time out and  see how we feel about each other.”
Though internally I was jumping with joy and doing the Zumba, I was still scared so wanted some time.
He said “As you wish!! But my feelings will be the same for you, whatever you decide I will always be there for you!” Yipeeeee I was dancing away in my mind but tried to get hold of myself.. We both looked away and ate the prasadam in silence, knowing it was a New beginning…a New Love story blooming at the Temple!!!