Hello everyone..πŸ™‹

Following my foodie post just to break the routine today lets have some laughter..😎
(In two parts..else it will end up being sooo very lengthy..)

Valentine’s day πŸ’˜Β  is fast approaching so for those of you who are single and ready to mingle (provided you have some secret crush on mind ) it’s fun.. πŸ’“
For the overtly romantic’s,Β  it isΒ  yet another day where you get to profess your love in innovative waysΒ  πŸ’‘..


For the married lot , duh huh what was that again??? Oh V day!!! Yeah we remember celebrating something similar during our early dating years or things like that blah blah whatever πŸ™‡


For the few who are married with kids πŸ‘ͺ!!! Good question..give me a day off at the spa dude and it’s as good as celebrating 10 V days together..
Buhahhahahaahha 😈😈

OK , No no noppeeee!!!! It isn’t a case of the grapes πŸ‡πŸ‡being sour.. bitter.. yuckkk..😝
It’s just I am sure many of you will relate to it, given the hectic work and stuff it seems soo kiddish..at least I feel so..(No offence anyone)
St.Valentine also wouldn’t have ever imagined that centuries later it would be such aΒ  biguhh deal..


I come from the old school of thought maybe.. 😯
I feel everyday is a V day (If you want it that way) If you want to do that something special go ahead do it right away!!! Why wait for B’days and V days andΒ  God knows what days..Just do it right away..πŸ˜›
It’s just the chocy 🍫 and the teddy 🐻 companies minting money by escalating prices and the party halls doing a good business I feel..πŸ’Έ

(Again it’s just my thoughts..)

Of course when I was a younger me, I would get all goeey and doey eyed watching the colourful red heartsΒ  ❀ and balloons 🎈 everywhere, not to forget the heart shaped chocolates and cards..πŸ’
Now even if some one gifts me chocys , I am like oh ho..all that’sΒ going to go to my butt..😯

Mentally I start calculating the extra effort I need to put in to burnΒ  it off..sad sad me, Nee…πŸ™ˆ

So you see I would rather prefer lazing πŸ’€on the couch than hogging chocys and working out ..πŸ˜₯

So, continuing in my next post, few just for laughs..


So, go ahead, Tell me your thoughts, views, experiences β€¦πŸ™‡

(I feel like Sydney Sheldon, yelling away…Tell me your dreams types..)

Pics courtesy: Google images