Hello everyone..🙋

After a series of thought provoking Sunday posts I felt I was becoming some sort of a philosopher..
Being dragged deep into an abyss of thoughts.. So just to overcome it, presenting a yummy post today..
Ok so most of my Indian reader friends obviously  would know this dish..but still sharing it cause I made it for the recently concluded festival we call Pongal/Sankranthi..


☝The Rangoli (drawings with rice and chalk powder) outside my home on the festive day..

So coming back , presenting  Masala vada..that is fried  Bengal Gram fritters..

Usually it’s had with mint chutney or sauce or I like it just like that

So for making Masala  Vada/Bengal gram (channa dal) fritters

Ingredients required

Channa dal / Bengal gram – 400 grams ( makes about approx 15 medium sized vadas)


From clockwise..


1.Chillies – 2 nos ( according to the spiciness required)

2.Coriander leaves – 1 and half cup finely chopped

3.Ginger – 1 inch

4.Onion – 1 (chopped )

5.Dill leaves: 1 cup (finely chopped )
(Dill leaves are Optional..
Some prefer to use it, some skip it..this one is my granny’s recipe, so I am using it..should not add too much of it as it gives a bitter flavour )

6.Salt to taste

7.Oil For deep frying


1.Soak Channa dal in water for 4-6  hours


2.Drain the water completely in a colander.

3.Keep 2  teaspoons of whole channa dal aside.


4.Now grind the green chillies and ginger and add the channa dal without adding water to form a coarse paste.


5.Take it into a mixing bowl and then add finely chopped onions, the remaining soaked and drained channa dal (2 teaspoons of which was kept aside), finely chopped green dill leaves to the above mix.

6.Add salt as required.

7. Now heat a pan with oil

8. Use a plastic cover or the palm of your hand can also be used to make the vadas..


9.Just coat it with oil and place  a small lemon sized portion onto it and gently press on it to flatten it a little..

10. Check if the oil is hot enough to drop the vadas, by adding a pinch of the batter, if it raises to the surface immediately , then that is the right temperature to fry the vadas.

11.Now gently slip the vadas  into the oil.


12.Keep on  medium heat and fry them on both sides till golden brown and crisp.


13..Repeat the same procedure for the rest of the mix

14.There you have it..crispy hot vadas..served with mint chutney or sauce..


A great snack for rainy evenings  accompanied with Chai/tea ☕ but mostly prepared on festive  occasions..

Hope you liked this simple Bengal gram/ channa daal fritters..😎

Until next time Let’s eat away and keep the weighing scale at a distance..😈
Have a great rest of the week ahead..💞