Hello everyone ๐Ÿ™‹
A very pensive Sunday post…so read along..
As every serious post starts with Life’sย  teachings..Let’s do the same..

In life we come across many people..Some of who stay and make a real difference while some just pass by..
Some share their lives with you and some are forgotten with time..

If we consider life to be a journey, the road isn’t easy either..
As we encounter potholes..humps..ditches so will life surprise you with similar situations..
Some happy, some sad..
Added with love it seems wonderful and adventurous..
For stability and balance we have family and friends like salt and pepper to season it up..
So what happens when such bankable people turn back onย  you?? Say a friend ..


That friend who you loved, shared and admired turns inside out, takes you for granted ?? Ahhh that’s when sadness, disappointment and a feeling of being let downย  creeps in..

In my 30 years of existence I have come across quite a few friends who are adorable..๐Ÿ’
Some from my school, college, med school, work place, social media the list goes onnnnn..

I am happy that to this day I still have a set of solid friends on who I can bank in on anytime..
But what would you do whenย  such a friend who shared your life suddenly takes a 180* turn and backs off for no rhyme or reason??!!
It just sets you thinking what did you do or say to make such an impact.

There are times when we really know who our friends are or maybe are not..
Are these reasons to be guarded or to think twice before seeking or accepting new friends or trusting anyone truly??Of course not.. But yes what it does mean is that if you have real friend’s tried and true, keep them..
Do not ignore them..
Do make some time to be in touch with them however busy in life you maybe..
Go ahead pick up the phone,ย  mail, call, message the one person you have on mind..

At the same time we all make mistakes..
Our judgements do have flaws..
We can be fooled by others actions and shows of generosity and goodness..
We are blinded by what appears to be genuine emotions because, after all in the end we are only human and as humans there is only as much as we can bear and learn..
There no such thing as aย  perfect relationship so it is to friendship too..
Lessons learnt the hard way,ย  from experiences make you wise..
Farewell my once true friend..